New Mic pac

Got it today

Hey all
I just got this mic pac today from an ebay purchase. I’ll let you know how it performs. Got them new for $125.00. We shall see… It also came with a Studio Projects metal popscreen. Too good a deal to pass up.

Joe Meek mic

Sounds like a sweet deal. Record some vocals and a flat top and let us know dude! :D

SWEET! I am really diggin’ the two pack of Audio-Technica’s I picked up a while back at Geetar Satan. Comes with an AT2020 LD condenser and an AT2021 SD condenser. $129 new. Awesome mics.

Post some tests for us like Yaz suggested eh?


PS HAH! I’m one to ask… I have not put up any clips of the AT’s… just shoot me!

Here is a quick test into my m audio fw 1814. I used my Taylor 710CE with the mics about 1.5 feet away angled slightly down. I think they will serve me well. By the way no eq was added.

Heck, it’s cool just because it’s Joe Meek…

where’d you get it for 125? ???

edit - oh never mind i see ebay. :)

Lets see if I can get the link to work now ???
Mic samples

This is a music dealer’s store on ebay. He’s located in Maryland. The auction had a “submit best offer” option, so I put in 125 the buy it now was for 139. 15 bucks :( I know I sound like a cheapskate but that will be 15 more towards another mic :)
Here’s his ebay store… A tube marshall mic is ending soon…

EBAY Store

Sounds good! Heck of a deal!

Using a drop D tuning? Or just the low E drop D? I likes it! :D

Sound great. A bit of compression on that? :)

Probably too much comp… :D
I was in a hurry to put it down. My 4 y/o daughter was hungry for attention and wanted to sing in the mic to test it :D
I was using SAWStudioBasic for the level boosting on the stereo tracks.
As you can hear the pen mic is a little flatter, less high end, I think it will work very well on an acoustic with new strings or one strung with the elixer strings. I’m happy with the way they perform.

I really liked the sound of both, I liked the added guts of the LD.

Quote (YazMiester @ Sep. 14 2005,06:08)
Sounds good! Heck of a deal!

Using a drop D tuning? Or just the low E drop D? I likes it! :D

Yes. Good ears!!!!
Low E drop D. I love that tuning :D

I liked the sound of the 47 much more than the 27. To my ears (old as they are) the 47 sounded more open and transparent. Just easier to listen to. For a buck twentyfive, you got a great deal. If you want to get just the JM47, here it is for $99.


OK Mike, apropos of nothing, but I’ve been wanting to ask this forever…

In your avatar, do you have a ponytail, or is there a tribble crawling up the back of your neck? :(


The trouble with Tribbles? LOL

I use the low D tuning too Jeromee! But I prefer the drop E’s to D’s, keeps an extra finger open for hammers and pull offs. :D
But then again, I’m lazy! :cool:

Quote (Guest @ Sep. 15 2005,00:04)
OK Mike, apropos of nothing, but I've been wanting to ask this forever.........

In your avatar, do you have a ponytail, or is there a tribble crawling up the back of your neck? :(


32 years ago, it would have been a ponytail. If you look at my profile, you can see that it is just a shadow in the room.

As far as tribbles go, back when I wore a ponytail, it would have been closer to a monkey on my back.

These are cleaner, shorter hair days.



Was that too much info?? :O

Here is another sample. The band cut a song last night using the JM27 on snare top and vocals through the JM47. I recorded everything using an M audio fw1814(gtr’s&vox) and behringer ada8000(drums&bass). I believe I’ll be getting a couple more of those mics. :D

Sample song
Thanks for the info Dr.Gtr :)

I like the sound of the vocals; clear and present… the microphone has a nice relaxed sound to it. I still am not sure about the JM27… at first I thought it sounded ok on the snare. Then after listening again, it sounds like that mic is inside a paper bag next to the snare… kind of restricted sounding.

Anyway… nice tune…


Thanks Mike
I probably have a little too much of the under snare mixed in. It is mic’d with an AT pro37. A pretty crispy little mic :)

Nice tune and nice job!
Will have to agree with Doc on this one, vocals sound great, snare sounds like it’s in the paper bag. Maybe a little more “beef” on the lead guitar too.

But nice job! :D

PS, sometimes my personal taste differ with others, but that is normal, since I’m a little ‘Abby’, normal that is. :D