New mini studio.


Hah! I found the cable that lets me plug a Pocket pod into my mp3 player.
With the use of another player, I’ve just managed an overdub!

:laugh: Tweird! Ever try nTrack? It's good that you know those mp3 tools. I have to catch up!

Umm…I suspect there are several here who are old enough to have tried that trick with two cassette players. :laugh:

Two Cod Twines running perpendicular to one-another…

Every time I look for a cable, I end up having to make it…
I put them somewhere where I know I’ll find it if I need it again…
I’d sure like to know where that cable box is…


Quote: (TomS @ Jan. 13 2010, 5:59 PM)

Umm...I suspect there are several here who are old enough to have tried that trick with two cassette players.


bouncing back and forth left side right side....till eventually you had a full band!

only problem was the degradation...and fading of the first track as the rest were had to get the levels right going in, it was a tricky process it worked sometimes! and you'd get that Beatlesk sort of sound....

Anyone got a good 1/2 in reel recorder layin around? I got a few adats I am messing with and would like to have something thick to put the master mix on.....

keep shinin

jerm :cool:

Quite easy on a Tascam AV124 half track - an exciting prospect, pre porta studio days for a teenager - but still pants

I still have my Tascam 4 track R2R and my portastudio.

Good man. How are the belts?
I recently had to literaly make replacements for my TOA 8trk.
All this ols stuff will go towards our pensions.

:laugh: Things have a habit of coming back into fashion every twenty years..
If you can remember what they are..
and don't throw anything away for seven years..
cause you'll find use for it..
the very next day..
I think I got a whole box full of used 6L6 tubes, somewhere..
If I can remember where I put them..
??? ?
I think I got a box full of used belts, as well...

p.s. pensions? What's that ?

Belts still going strong!


Bill! When you find that box full of EL34s, …bung me a quad over :laugh:

I’m bored with that mini studio lark. I must be losing my grip - started building drum tracks on N to transfer to the mp3 player:-( Not good!

What I ‘realy’ need to do is; upgrade my craptop.

Still have my teac A-3340S (1/4 inch).
Had a lotta fun in the 80s with that.
Fired it up about a year ago, still runs, a little drag/catch once in a while with the tension arm, but other than that it is good.

I’ve recorded on those, ping!

TomS, Thats the one!
Learned a lot of basics about multi tracking on it.
Some still applies to the digital recording world.

What a beautiful machine that is…

When I worked at the Musicstop back in the late '70’s, the guys would get me to demagnetize and clean the heads and set the record/playback levels and all…
I had the Teac alignment tape…
I must have had one a month come through the shop…
I would ask them to bring in one of their tapes when they came in…
That way I could hear what they were working on, :laugh:

I think if you look hard into the meters of that photo TomS posted you’ll find a set of EL34’s…
I think they’re Mullards…
:laugh: They made the best EL34’s I know…
They could make a GooD Marshall Amp SiNg…


I have one of these in the storage closet:

And one of these on a shelf:

but the Teac looks cooler… :agree:

I still love my TOA MR-8T:-)…3333174