New mix 0509

Thanks to Tom and Mary xxx

Hey guys, Hope you all had a god Christmas and new year.
I turned 25 on new years eve so it was a great one for me!

Anyhow, Just a quickie as I didn’t really plan to spend any time back at the desk till next week but…
the amazing TomS and his very talented wife did some work on “0509” last year and I just can’t get over how much I love it, I’ve had it on repeat throughout the whole of christmas (that and “turning of the wheel” /Tom and Mary, “Oh my baby” /Levi and “A million and one things” /Spreadie-well done on the win there sweetie x)

so anyways I just felt that I had to share it…

Ange x


nice song very good guitar and vocal work

So nice - well done. I hope it’s appreciated for a lifetime Ange.

:agree: :) :agree: :) :agree:

That’s a beautiful song enhanced nicely there Tom and Mrs. Tom :agree:

Very very nice indeed.


Beautiful. The song, the performances, the mix. Beautiful.

And I have to say again - I hate mp3s - the full version sound sooooo beautiful. It’s like depth and cohesion are lost in the conversion - guess that “lossy” refers to more than just basic sonic quality.

Ange, enter this in the next soundclick contest. :agree:

BAAA HAAA BAAA… excuse me. I always cry at wedding music… :p

Very, very nice Ange. Great job and kudos to the Spademan crew as well. :agree:

I finally (very sneakily) connected to a neighbors wireless network so I could it to stream without stuttering. I’m paranoid and have WEP, MAC table access and firewall turned on in my router and I think that chokes off a bit of throughput. Lucky for me my neighbor is either not paranoid, lazy or just stupid…

Lemme get outta here before I get attacked through THEIR network…


Ange = Sugar
Ange Hardy; a HollyWood ready name & artist = awesome music!
This version?
It's true, this is beautiful.
But ya know guys, I believe I'm hearing hick'ups at 79, 101, and 130.
What do y'all think?

Thank you guys :;):

This was the first take so I am hoping that in the near future, Tom and Mary will help me with a new take, some of my vocals are off in places in this one and I’m not mad on the overall guitar sound, also the flute is so very beautiful that I feel that there should be more of it :)
I just couldn’t wait for you guys to hear how amazing the flute sounded.

Ange x

Well since Levi is nit-pickin’… I might as well throw in an idea for you.

Add a medium sized reverb to the flute track and in a few spots where the last note tails off, automate the verb return and bring up some artificial “distance” as that note tails off. Keep it set fairly dry for the rest. It’s a popular trick on bits like that and sounds wonderful.

Great song.


:laugh: Dear Ange, I was only trying to get these mules to give your great song more clicks ;) Sounds great like it is.
I didn't really hear anything.
I have to admit that I wasn't listing that close.
Job has me to busy at the moment.
But I like what you said you have planed for it, can't wait to hear all that.
Your plans are great because beta testing here is an huge advantage.
If we can be patient enough.
I think beta testing, and uploading singles to group into possible CDs later on is the way to go.
I hope that I didn't hurt your feelings, I thought someone would catch on
:cool: and make what I was getting at, obvious to all, sorry about that.
D has a great idea!
I'm sure he would email or post a how to for you.
I thought the flute was awesome and strong.
Hint hint hint click click click! Your song belongs at the top of the charts! :agree:

Here is Ange’s article that she is to modist to show you:
Debut album has confident delivery
Thursday, October 30, 2008, 23:00
THE Words To Write It All is the debut album from 24-year-old local singer and songwriter, Ange Hardy.

It is an autobiographical collection of folk, ballads and up-tempo numbers, which draw on a range of experiences from Ange’s life.

Nowadays, it is common for songs to be over-produced, so for me it is comforting to hear the simplicity that can be found in Ange’s honest and exposed vocals and lyrics, as well as some nice guitar playing with a very confident delivery.

When I interviewed her on my 10 Radio show recently, she told me: "When I first picked up a guitar, sat on the streets in Ireland in 1997 and fumbled around, finding a note on each string that would harmonise with its neighbour, I had no idea I was creating a chord, let alone a chord that already existed.

"It turns out that the chords A, E and D saw me through one of the most lonely, difficult and eventful years of my life. From then on, a trend was set, I’d found an outlet that would later become my counsellor, my career, my mentor and my best friend."

Any press is good press for a musician!
This is nice except for the patronizing tag of ;“Confident delivery”.
But every writer needs a theme so it’s cool.
You know all of us here know that you could teach them a thing or two about confidence.
You are doing it all right way Ange!
You are the boss!

I mixed the flute with a really nice (to me) sounding impulse and SIR - you know, mp3s don’t really get the full details in there - but I think your idea is great, Dub.

I’m with you, Levi, this should get lots of clicks. Thing is, this is Ange doing a demo - I mean, her demos are like most of our dreams of finished products. My only complaint was with the original acoustic guitar, which had a lot of room slap in it, although in the end it seems quite listenable to me - at least I’ve listened to it a lot! I thought Ange sang and played it wonderfully. So did Mary, and she had very little time to work on it (kids, you know…). Just wiat. The next version should be even better. :agree:

I’d be willing to do an acoustic or two if ya’ll need it.


mp3s don't really get the full details in there

One of the biggest reasons I don't comment very often... mp3's SUCK! Also, I don't know what Soundclick is doing to 'em... but it can't be GOOD...

It's a great song and the flute verb-swell thingie is just a suggestion. It does add a cool effect...


PS As a side note about automating VST's... I had a blast messing around with automating delay parameters on a rock guitar instrumental thing. Infinite sustain/feedback on demand anybody? :p

Carlos Santana would love infinite sustain!

I had to come back to to futher comment on the present mix. TomS are you mixing this for Ange? Who is playing flute? The flute playing in this version is played very well and stronger than the previous take. I remember thinking (first impression) that it was a tad week before. Now it’s strong and loud. I don’t think it has to be loud because it’s strong. So my first impression here was that the flute while perfectly played now should be a couple clicks lower in volume. Not played lower but mixed lower.

Ange’s guitar playing is special. I wouldn’t add any other parts especially guitar parts. PW is cool to offer but don’t hide what’s there. Ange your guitar playing is a non issue. It’s cool it’s charming. I don’t mean charming like high’brow, but like mojo! It’s cool.

That’s Mary harmonizing with Ange?
That’s a sweet blend!
Ange, you can tell your audience that your Irish gug band on your recordings is a bunch of Polish people from Ohio. :laugh:
Ange? Do you know how many Irishmen it takes to screw in a light bulb?
It only takes two!
One to hold the bulb while the other continues to drink until the room starts spinning! :p :D

Awww guys, you made my liccle heart melt! Bless ya all


Do you know how many Irishmen it takes to screw in a light bulb?
It only takes two!
One to hold the bulb while the other continues to drink until the room starts spinning!


Levi, my feelings cannot be hurt when it is the time taken to give honest opinions and good advice from people who are trying to help :)
you are very kind with your words, thank you.

I have to be honest tho, I think the the flute is amazing as it is, I’m not hearing that it needs to be quieter or that the sound needs to be edited but I do feel that it has lost something through mp3 conversion, the first time I played it here on wav it pierced through my skin and lifted every little blood cell to the surface raising every tiny hair and then gently smoothed them back down again, I really cannot get enough of that sound.
Have you ever compared ‘music’ to orgasm?! (for desperate want for a much better and more appropriate word!)
Amazing ‘music’ does something to me that has no name and can only be explained as/compared to a ‘non-sexual’ orgasm! ???

Poppa, I’d love to hear what you have to offer on this, although I’d agree that my playing has it’s own ‘personality’ I am not a very good guitarist and you guys are a cut above, also I do not feel that I have the right equipment or knowledge to get the best out of my composition.

Anyhow, I am looking forward to taking this to new places, “you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!” :p

Ange x