New Motagator features

[Hope its OK to post this - some here already use Motagator to post their tracks, so I’m sure a few more of you would be interested in this :) ]

Hi All

The whole of the Motagator website has recently been updated to include loads of new features, mainly –

MEMBERS – Register as a member only (not as a band or artist) to get webspace, blog and picture uploads, and access to all features.

FANS – Become a fan (or friend) of the Bands or Artists.

PRIVATE NOTES – Send private messages to other users and members

FAVOURITES – Add songs and videos to your personnel favourites list.

REVIEWS – Comment on bands’ songs, videos, shop items, gigs, photos etc.

RATINGS – Rate bands’ songs, videos, items, gigs, photos etc.

PAST EVENTS – Now all past gigs are displayed seperately so as to allow reviews and ratings.

ADDITIONAL SONG AND VIDEO FORMATS - mp3, wma, ogg, mid, wav, flac, wmv, mov, mpg, mpeg all now supported.

Visit for full details of what is available with your Motagator account.

New and modified themes are also available that take full advantage of these new features.

Please take a look around and take advantage of what’s now on offer. Everyone here is very welcome.

Link -


Paul…Let me again thank you for providing such a nice looking home for some of my ‘stuff’. Your new features are great, too. While other sites are cluttered with all sorts of different ads, your site makes it easy to build a nice looking, clean place to send my friends.



Hi Paul:
Thanks for your post to this Board… You have a great site… It’s good to see your busy with it and providing space for a lot of hard working musicians to make their product visible…