new music

My son’s music

I’ve never tried posting a song here before so here goes. My son volunteered to let me try with some of his songs. I’m a proud Dad. I’ve been using n-track for several years now. I recorded “Judgement” with him one afternoon when we were bored. The other songs he recorded through his college computor at 16 bit when he was supposed to be studying.
Sean’s Music

Hey…Isn’t anyone going to listen. The only two viewings are from me

Sometimes it takes more than just 2 hours to get a reply :;): . Anyway. That said, recording when I’m supposed to be studying is something that I do very well too… As far as “Judgement” goes, I like the guitar, but would like to hear some more reverb and delay for a more metal feel. The solo could stick out more too. As for the bass, I know its there but couldn’t hear it well. crank it! The vocals are good as far as being in tune, but honestly, I didn’t care for the words. Thats my personal taste though. The other things sounds good too. I like the guitar work on the Dark stairway.

Thanks DLR. I’ll try some of your ideas on “Judgement” and see how it turns out. I have a lot to learn about mixing. The words for the song are actually lifted directly from scripture. Sean doesn’t feel that he can write lyrics well so we thought we’d try something already written. I appreciate the input :)

Haha. I knew that they were from scripture. And that is a cool touch. However, I personally feel that there should be a story. It is kind of hard to hear what is being said when there is massive delay or whatever on the voice. Try backing off on that just a little. Talking specifally about the lyrics, using passages is a very strong tool to start out with. From there, you can have any number of senarios. As of right now, it somewhat just sounds like someone telling me not to judge… That may have been the effect, or maybe not. Also, harmonies would sound really good in this song. I’m a huge fan of vocal harmonies. This is just my $.02. Hope this helps! Keep up the good work.