New n-track 5.0.5 not working with my ASIO...5.0.4

The title says it all. Anyone have any suggestions for getting my ASIO drivers to work with 5.0.5? 5.0.4 worked fine with my ASIO drivers. I have a EWS88MT.

Hi jlw001:
This might need an E-Mail to Flavio/Support for a cure… If there was any other guys using the harsdware you have I think they would have replied to your post… Well, saturday, is a slow day for the Board, sometimes…

One question… Are you using the latest video-and-audio hardware drivers for your set-up?


Yeah, I’,m using terratecs latest drivers. I’m now reverted back to 5.0.4 and everythin is working fine. I think I will give an email to support.

Hi jlw001:
I hope you get your set-up running on the latest version and builds… I’m sure you will…

I’m at the latest builds with the set-ups I have here…

However, I have a studio P-111 intel DAW with a Hoontech STA 2000 8-Track Breakout Box Audio Hardware that isn’t working at 100%… The break-out Box works just fine… But the PCI internal audio card doesn’t record-or-repro any audio… The “Card’s Properties” appear in the Device Manager and all… but I am unable to send-or-receive any audio from it’s I/O’s… It’s a Dual Boot operating system… The same thing happens to both Operating System Desks… The S/B Card that’s in the DAW, works just fine… It’s just the DSP-24 part of the Hoontech audio hardware that’s at issue…


version 5.0.5 build 2241 -

my Roland USB does not record using ASIO or WDM -

my Audigy NX2 USB does not record using MME OR WDM (no ASIO on Audigy) -

ask for ‘READY’ before record works -

ask for ‘names of wave files’ does not work, goes straight to record -

show waveforms while recording, shows nothing -

input meter works OK - recording flashs OK - echo output works OK -

Dr J

I have a EWS88MT as well, but am still using 4.1 (2099). Hope Flavio can fix your problem, since I’ve been considering upgrading soon.

2241 working fine here… well, as good as it can I suppose.


fixed problem - re-installed build 2241 but this time i chose new prefs not old prefs, records OK now

Dr J

Hi Doc:
By re-installing build 2241… Does that mean that you reverted back to system default? and then did you you re-configure n-Track’s preferences? to suit your operating tastes? and all…


I’ve been in contact with support and Flavio seems to think my problem is with the “Stop when audio driver request stop…” option. I will install 5.0.5 and check it out. It seems that some functionality has changed in this option with 5.0.5. I’ll let you guys know how it turns out.