New Ntrack versions

what is the purpose

Ok, I’m sure I’m not “with it” and that is my question. I was peacefully using 3.3 and things were going well. Then I talked my buddy into getting Ntrack and when he bought it the version was 4.0. We wanted to share files so I upgraded too. I really like some of the improvements.
However, when I look at the long history of fixes since, I wonder if the new beta fixes are to correct for unexpected problems in the last finished version or if new problems are created when new features are added.
We are now watching as Favio posts fixes vertually every day to the new bata that requires MS net 2. If I go to version 4.1 am I going to have problems because the next build fixed problems in 4.1 - or are the fixes for something entirely new?
Were is this going? What are the new features that are being added? What features were added?
I think it would be nice if the version history had a section that just told what features were accomplished from version to version and listed any necessary fix to that versiion - maybe one list to show fixes for beta versions and one set for “standard/finished” version.
So, is there a currently way to determine: are the fixes necessary to repair possible problems to the last “finished” version I am using, or are they chenges/improvements to the program?
Maybe it’s just me . . .


And larger fleas have smaller fleas upon their backs to bite them…

I feel your pain.
I tried V4 but went back to 3.3.
I’m waiting until the dust has settled for a while.


I’ve stuck with v4.05 buils 1846.
It is the most stable for me.
Will try the later ones again once the beta releases settle down a bit and all the bugs are ironed out.

I have no bugs or crashes with 1846 on my system

Well, he does call them BETA versions. A beta version in software means that it is still in testing. So if Flavio posts something he calls beta, beware. 1846 has been my choice for a while too. As for what was fixed or added, have you seen his change log here?

Just started using this thang… Don’t have a clue yet… This makes me even more apprehensive… Oh well live and learn…
Keep on keepin’ on…

Just started using this thang… Don’t have a clue yet… This makes me even more apprehensive… Oh well live and learn…
Keep on keepin’ on… Gary

I’m also on build 1846 and doing well. One of the things about using this program is that you have to keep an eye on the forum and see what the intrepid pioneers say when they try out the new versions. I’m going to stick with 1846 until I’m fairly confident that the next release is stable.

Bubbagump called it right - I had been looking at the wrong place for information on updates and upgrades.
The latest version takes you to the bata postings.
The What’s New button lists the changes that each version has added.
I feel a tab foolish, I have been using the proggram fo quite awhile and was only watching the version numbers, not the version numbers I guess. Anyhow, I’ll check on the finshed versions.