New old song

Analog recording

Hey all
Here is a song that I recorded 2 years ago on my akai mg1212 tape recorder. It was transferred to the digital domain with a motu828mk11 @ 24bit/48k. I was cleaning up my desk and found a DVD with the files on it. I had forgotten that we had even done it since we have been working on a second CD for over 2 years. I mixed this yesterday with N. Hope you like it.

New old song

As always, thats good stuff. I like it a lot.

Thanks DLR
The band is pretty heavily influenced by Steve Earle (his later stuff,not the nashville crap) as well as Billy Joe Shaver and all of the non mainstream music that came out of texas in the 60’s-90’s. Glad you liked it. Thanks again for the + comment :)

Hey, who sings in your band…the voice is aweomse. I wish I could sing like that.

We all sing but that’s me trying to croon on this one :D I’m glad someone likes my voice :)