New old toys


If the Ampeg’s load is rated at say 600 ohms… then it might be worth a try to terminate the Ampex’s line-out with a 600 resistor

the output is already terminated with a 600 Ohm load (actually 560 Ohms for this particular amp). In the original design, Ampex had the output terminated only when a connector was NOT in the output jack (since it would be correctly terminated when plugged in). That way, the correct load is always reflected back and you don’t run the amp with no load. I just moved this resistor so the amp always has it’s correct termination, plugged in or not.

Now that you’ve got the right cabling Tom, it would be prudent to again look at your signal level. Remember, I set those up for +4. If your interface is set for -10, the Ampex’s will have that overpowering effect. You may need to adjust the Ampex output to better match what the Aardvark is looking for…

Right - and I would do that with the rec cal pot on the back, yes? It doesn’t overpower it, but I do have to put the Aardvark trim at the lowest level. But the gain structure is good right now.

Did you try the preamps with any dynamics? A 57? They sound great on guitar with a 57. At least it’s as good as sound as I’ve had with my ric -> fender amp - > 57 - > Ampex. :)

Gonna get to try the 77 on the amp tomorrow. :)

Oh, the pile of work I didn’t get done this weekend… :(

We’re all tryin to get Mrs.TomS’s flute to sound World Class with this Mic–> Aardvark chain…

That pile of work is still gonna be there next week… That magic flute track comes-and-goes… Yea gotta be ready to get it, when the gettin’s good…

Sorry, Mrs. TomS… :( :)


Thing is, BIll, it already sounds world class. She studied with Robert Willoughby at Peabody, bachelors and masters. I just try not to get in the way of the sound. :)

Hi TomS:
Does she teach? and play in the orchestra??


Quote (woxnerw @ Dec. 11 2006,15:32)
Hi TomS:
Does she teach? and play in the orchestra??


Teaches, did a lot of orchestral playing, chamber stuff, mostly plays for fun now that we have kids. :)