new pick up

acoustic guitar

I just ordered myself a new pick up for my acoustic guitar. Snake 3 by headway electronics. It hasnt come yet but after reading so many good things about it Im very excited and just have to tell someone about it.

I also aquired a zoom 1201 from ebay for
£30. Love it, its my first outboard fx. I like it. I used it for a live performance the other day and it made a massive difference. Cant wait to hear what the headway sounds like… I may finally have a giggable acoustic guitar that actually sounds like an acoustic guitar. no more mic’s, no more feedback… :peace:


Man, thought you traded in your clunker. :agree:

haha no chance :laugh: I got a 12month old mercedes van that I use for gigs n stuff, its greeeeeat. Just dont tell my boss tho. :laugh: