New plugin - FerricTDS - Tape Dynamics Simulator

I just ran this over several final mixes and was really impressed.
Very subtle on dynamics and saturation controls. Excellent limiting. :agree:
Tape Dynamics Simulator

Getting the most out of it:
Please read the following chapters to get the most out of this device. Learn how to
efficiently set the three main parameters:
● obtain some effective tips on getting the most out of the presets
● understand the basic workflow of this device
● learn how to efficiently level the three main parameters
● take advantage of the RECOVERY and sidechain options in the DYNAMICS
2.1. Quick reference
DYNAMICS – increases audio compression type effects
SATURATION – increases saturation type effects such as harmonic additions
LIMITER – controls the overall peak performance
RECOVERY – controls the recovery time of the dynamic processor
TRIM – adjusts the outgoing audio level
SC OFF / 250Hz – this “small screw” controls the dynamic processor’s response to low frequency material

Thanks Poppa, I’ll be sure to try this one out.

Cheers Pop.

Hi Poppa Willis:
I had a post going as a reply to this thread…

I don’t know where it went…

However, Is this plug something like the Maxx X DX plug that someone up here designed ???? I am unable to remember his name… What a great plug it is… Then someone re-wrote it in VST format…

If I remember, it had a simulator and level control on the plug…

Was it back in the late v2 and v3 days ????


Bill Wall

I’ve got a copy of MaxX up on

You know…
I believe you created a workaround to install it on XP…

There was-and-is some clever guys around this Board…
I hope they’re all still with us and healthy-and-all…

By the way…

Is any one up-and-around the audio that you’ve heard that has moved into Windows 7 ????

If there is…
What are they saying ????



I have been using Cakewalk tape sim/VST to give some acoustic tracks some low fi flavor, but I got a feeling these one are on a different level if they are being applied to the entire mix.

Will definitely check them out!


keep shinin

jerm :cool: