New Problem

I had to boot out some bug-a-boos out of my computer when I got back from a recent road trip, and now, when I want to add another track or do a punch in/out, it sends the new recording to a new track totally ignoring the track I had set up to record on.

Without a doubt, this is going to drive me nuts!! Any suggestions on how to fix this?

All suggestions welcome.



Help!! This problem is driving me crazy!! (although some would say that it’s just a short putt)

If there’s anyone who can render me a fix for this I would 'ppreciate it.

Meanwhile, I will press on best I can.

Thanks, Jeff

Try describing in detail what you are doing to arm the track. You may be missing out on some minor detail, or have a setting gone weird in your PC. From the info you have provided it is hard to tell what it is…

regards, Nils


You may try disarming all other tracks (in the recording VU-meter section). This has baffled a lot of us when we started out…

I fixed it; right after I made that last post. A recording option was set to add tracks after they were recorded, and not “as” they were recorded.

I made the change, and now it’s recording fine. Now I’ve got to start a song over because viruses have eaten it alive. Ate up the actual song file .sng. Totally gone; don’t know where it went. No problem though; I’ve increased my security, and the song was done in a couple of hours anyway. I’ll get an even better take this time.