New Product Idea

I just sent this to Flavio, but why don’t you guys tell me what YOU think of it…

I have a product suggestion for you that I don’t believe would take much time to make and would be INCREDIBLY useful for those of us who have multiple computers. One of the big products these days is an external plugin processor, such as the waves system, or eventide’s firewire devices. The problem with these is the fact that the plugins are proprietary and require additional purchases of specific plugins to be used.

My idea is simply this, create program that is run on a second computer. It’s sole responsibility is to run “LIVE input processing” of directx or vst plugins. The first and second computer are linked via USB 2.0/Firewire/or Ethernet and uses a VST plugin in each track to send/receive the audio to the 2nd computer.

Picture this:
Computer #1 running N-track.

In tracks 1-13’s effects list is the VST plugin (we’ll call it “Connect”).

These “Connect” VSTs take the input from their respective tracks and output them to the second computer via Firewire or whatever on a dedicated channel (1-64 for example-sorta’ like midi channels)

On the Second computer, the Program accepts the inputs 1-64 and routes them to their respective tracks in the program where each tracks has an additional plugin effects list.

The audio plugins are processed and the output is directed back to the corresponding track on the first computer via another channel along with any latency information to allow compensation.

The return audio is then passed down the line in N-track like usual.

The end result is that ANYONE with a second computer can gain more effects capabilities and have less strain on the main computer’s cpu to allow for a more stable mixing/recording environment when dealing with many tracks.

All you have to do is make a program that accepts audio and processes plugins… WHICH YOU ALREADY HAVE! (no panning/volume/or even eq require-just strip n-track down to the essentials) then you just need to design a VST or (directX I suppose) that can send the audio on selected channels, and finally, you just need to figure out how to send the audio on the current networking technology either firewire or ethernet (maybe wireless?), and possibly USB (though it’s technically not full duplex-2 cables maybe?). These technologies are more than fast enough (especially the new gigabit ethernet) to avoid serious latency, and with a latency compensation it wouldn’t matter anyway.

It’d probably also be really nice(but not necessary) to be able to control the software/effects parameters on the second computer via the vst’s on the first computer too.

what do you think? I think this would allow N-tracks to become closer to a Pro-tools kind of setup where additional hardware helps take the load of the main cpu.

Let me know :)

It is a nice idea, but:

1)Adding a second computer and another piece of software will make the environment more powerful, but hardly more stable.

2)To minimize latency, it might be better to have the audio ouput channels on the second computer, and not reroute to the first. Or run half the tracks on computer 1 an the rest on computer 2…Anyhow, the software on both machines would have to be extended.

3)Pro-Tools works with standardized hardware. The way to go would be selecting one specific data transfer standard and work with that. Or make a deal with some hardware manufacturer.

4) Has anybody tried n-Track with a dual-processor or dualcore setup? I’m wondering if n-Track has proper multitasking and hyperthreading capabilities. A program that uses a modern processor to its full capabilities can do a lot of multitracking and FX.

I really think that streamlining the code would have to be the foundation for power and stability. Perhaps not an easy thing to acchive in a ms-windows environment.

But running two computers would be great and it would look cool. Using a second computer as an FX box should be possible right now. There are latency issues, but there are ways to work around those. Also, it might be possible to use two computers, run two instances of n-Track and synchronize those via SMPTE or whatever. In either case, a (digital) mixing desk or an advanced soundcard would be needed. As I understand it.

Bye now.


The idea of using a second, networked pc to process DX or VST’s is already a reality and NTrack needs no modification in order to take advantage of it.
I forget the name of the program, but it was freeware, about 1-2 years ago.
I know some NTrackers did have a go with it, but it seems to have failed to gain any real popularity, maybe because of increases in processing power.


Yeah, nice idea. I think it’s been done though. I seem to remember Robert/Saturn9/Waveman/WaveLady playing around with something a couple of years ago.

Even so, I remain slightly sceptical. Lets face it; in a couple of years time CPU speed will have doubled again and that pride-and-joy P4 will be a door stop. Three years ago my DAW was a P3 1.0Ghz. Now that box is not even worthy to be door stop!

Coming from a P3 350MHz starting point perhaps I’m more frugal with my DAW usage but I’ve still not managed to max out my 2.8GHz P4.

I’d rather see development going towards making applications more aware of multiple CPUs (or CPU cores) in a single machine.



FX Teleport is what you are asking for. Someone on here tried it but I don’t remember how successful the trial was… anyway

HERE it is…


Yup. already did it.

or you can go hardware and get a MUSE Receptor

And CubaseSX would do it too - iirc, Katow shifted to it to use it.

good enough, I"m gonna’ give it a shot :)

Let us know how you go, I would be interested in that…

They also have a piece of software which freezes tracks, which might be handy for us old 3.x users… Anyone tried it??