New SC contest

show em what you got

Hey team, I don’t know if you guys noticed but they are talking about starting a song contest on SClick in the forum, Critic’s Corner. Now from the great tunes several of you submitted to the N contest this summer, and considering the mediocre stuff that passes for “good” on SC I know several of you could blow them away.

Craig? Tom? JDET? KevinM? Poppa? Ange? Levi? Yaz? Don’t mean to leave anyone out, but I thought if you guys don’t enter I’m going to nominate you!

Anyway they want to start the signup on the first on November 1st. Hope to see you guys there!
They’ve already started accepting applications, they named me as a judge but I never vounteered! We’ll see about that…

Count me in Nix!
Thanks for the tip!

Hey Spreader, one of the prizes is a $25 certificate to WalMart! (what a spud prize)Do you even have WalMarts over there?

But seriously the other prizes are a software processor, and a blog review by Steve Gilmore that is supposed to lead to lots of exposure. Besides, winning would be a good portfolio stuffer!

Hey, they stole our idea!
Is that flattery or cause for a lawsuit?


edit: I dunno 'bout this, they are only accepting 30 folks for the contest - why is that? They’re gonna get a lot of hip hop. Which is OK, but not my bag.

Plus they spelchek wurs then I du. :D

Anyway , enter Ange into it!

Cool that you are a judge, Nixon!

wink & a nod

actually he mentions me in that post ( which has mysteriously dissappeared, temporarily I think) but I didn’t volunteer, I just posted a few suggestions.

Wowsers Nix, I’m flattered to be included in that list of names but, I’m not a tunesmith like the fine folk here at nTrack,

I’m more of a B.S. Artist! :laugh:

For those who wish to hear it, as I promised earlier about upping one of my latest songs, I have entered “Oil Kings” in the contest. Let me know what you think.…7010030


What’s with Chico?

Big butt fat rich oil kings, just sounded good to me. Would you consider it offending?


No - I was just wondering why there was an overdubbed “Chico” there.

Kind of a “punk” feel to it from the drums - pretty tight track too. Well done.

Quote: (Poppa Willis @ Oct. 27 2008, 1:45 PM)

What's with Chico?



Ya it was an over dub, with some intential separation. I was looking for a spread with it. You raised an issue at first, I wasn’t sure if the “slang” was inappropriate. I had to go back to the original sheet to see exactly what I wrote. Remembering now the term or name “Chico” was put in place of “My Friend” which I scratched out. So the term “Chico” refers to or can describe “friend” in the context of which I wrote it. Thank you for your comments. Also this song was done with that new free bass subsonic mdaVST I found the other day. It really does the job for me.

Here’s link to it and it’s free.

It comes with other VST’s in the free download but the one your looking for in the list is mdasubsynth.dll


Hey Paco, good one! I love the vocal effects, rock-steady beat. Good lyrics.
And Ntrack represents!
I think you guys need to send something, these SC forum dwellers don’t know you…yet. Take paco’s cue and give 'em an edumacation!