New set of wheels for my wifey

Honda NV750

Photos taken at my house - now she can ride out on breakfast runs with her own set of wheels.


Now if only I can get the FJ1200 to go slower…


I just finished gettin’ my Road King ready for winter storage. :( That one sure looks fun to ride…

Hahaha !

Northern hemisphere heh ?

Here by us it is now late spring…

Glorious summer is waiting with open arms to accept me onto the open road …

BTW - these are all within 45 minutes drive from my house …

Yeah Illinois-USA as a matter of fact even if I wanted to I couldn’t ride anywhere nearly as beautiful as those pictures suggest. Enjoy and as always ride safely which over here usually means to watch out for everyone else they don’t always seem to see bikers to well…

Nice! Mid-life crisis?

Haha !

Mike, this is rather I’m now able to afford a childhood fantasy !


Thanks, JD -
Universal rule of biking. Most accidents between cages and bikes are becuase the guys didn’t look / couldn’t see.

There’s way more beatiful riding spots, but those are just the ones I could get (and think of) quickly.

Yeah, South Africa has a lot of good and bad about it, but we have Nelson Mandela, and we have a beautiful country.

I’m proud.


Sorry, I thought from the title of this topic, it was an invitation to trade! :(

Well, I have I spare set of wheels, but, as lovely and charming as I’m sure your wife is, I was going to ask if you’d consider swapping a good set of golf clubs for them instead. :(


PS, did you know that Honda’s first tyres were made by Datsun?

And Datsun’s only customers until that time had been the Kamikazi squadrons?

They were wonderful if you were driving somewhere for the day, but if you planned on coming back, you’d find the Firestone/Ford warranty was blue chip compared to what you got on those tyres! :laugh:

PPS, why can’t Americans spell “tyres”? LOL

Only saw your post now…

Bwahahahahaha !

I’m sad to say that this thing was rather kamikaze-like.

It self destruct one night…

Still under warrantee, but it was quite a big way that it went in.


Took the bike in for some minor repair and the bike shop did some unauthorised modifications…

They took it for a test run and some old guy in a pickup didn’t watch what he was doing, so he drove in front of the technician at the last minute…

Well, that’s that then…

poor bike, but how is the technician ?

Oooohh…I feel bad for the dude. Same thing happened to me when I was 14 years old. Yes I was legal for a motorcycle license in Alabama. A woman in a oncomig car (a stinking Pinto) just made a left turn right in front of me. I had time for OH SHIT! BANG!!

Luckily, I was only doing about 25 mph. I managed to hang on to the bars to keep from being thrown across the hood of the car.

Stupid woman…


PS Sorry about the bike Wihan. :(

Nice bike, Wihan, shame about the prang.

One day when I was 17 I was hurrying to work on my Lambretta LD 150 (this was 1969, I was a mod) when a Ford Transit pick-up pulled out right in front of me. I crashed into the side (I can still remember the texture of the painted wooden panel I hit), wrote of the scooter, broke my left wrist and badly grazed one knee (still has some grit visible under the skin). And the handlebars folded back onto a sensitive area, which was the most painful part of the experience. Anyway, I was lying in hospital recovering from the general anaesthetic after my wrist bones were set, two police officers came to take my statement. They asked my name, address, reason for journey, road conditions, and my speed. I said “about 45 mph”. They looked at each other, then one of them said “Surely you were going slower than that, son?” Being groggy from the anaesthetic I replied “no, I was doing about 45”. He tried again - “we’re sure you would have been going slower than that”, then I twigged and said “30?” “OK” he said, 30 it is then". It was a 30 limit area and they didn’t want the Transit driver to get off. He was charged with driving without due care and attention, I got 450 quid compensation. The moral of this story - sometimes the police are alright!
Drive safely, goodnight all

yeah, apparently this was a old guy that was waaaaay past his ‘use by’ date…

The tech walked away from this - in fact the saturday after the thursday this happened he competed in a national race (he’s a provincial 600cc champ).

He had enough savvy to jump up and over the pickup, as that was the only option left.

Scratches and bruises…

Jeepers, why do you guys ride them then? A handle bar in the groin at 45 mph? Yikes. Goodbye to fatherhood…

I’m a grandfather, so the groin area wasn’t permanently damaged, happily. And I braked hard before hitting the side of the truck so I wasn’t doing 45 when I hit. A Lambretta LD150 (a “scooter” to us Brits) is not in the same class as the highly desirable serious wheels shown by Wihan, but in 1969 I felt pretty cool. If you listened to the Who, the Beatles and the Kinks you were a mod; if you liked the Stones, Animals, Yardbirds, you were a rocker. Mods wore light blue jeans, pale t-shirts and parkas and rode scooters; rockers wore dark Levis, leather or denim jackets, and peaked caps with chains and badges on them, and rode Triumph, BSA or Norton motorbikes. There were regular punch-ups at Brighton, great fun. Hey ho, nostalgia isn’t what it used to be…

Agent: "Well, are you a Mod or a Rocker?"
Ringo: “I’m a Mocker.”

(From A Hard Days Night)

TB, I started my ‘legal biking life’ (after the compulsory farm bike or 3) on a Vespa Scooter (also 150cc) - many a guy looked on his nose asuming that I was riding a regular moped…
I drove all aver the show with that thing. Furthest trip I took was a 300km twisty sea road for a weekend. Loved every kilometre I did on it. Even tho’ I’m into bigger bikes now (my current FJ1200 might be traded in on a BMW1150 this year) I will still buy a Vespa when I can afford the novelty just to take it on accational drives for the fun involved.

I joined a ‘scooter club’ and there was a couple of Lambrettas as well.
They had ‘classic air’ about them that just made you admire them.

Aaah the good ol’ days of biking… I saw a BSA and a couple of Nortons the other day on the national toy run over here. (The classic club came riding in in style together)
Could not believe how well they’ve been restored / maintained.