New setup for my church....................

MOTU 24io audio interface

Hi fellow n-Trackers,

I spent the weekend setting up and testing a rig for our church. We bought a MOTU 24io to be patched into our FOH board to track up to 24 channels with n-Track. To test the system before we popped for a PC, I bought a hard drive and installed it in my DAW, installed Xp and n-Track then the MOTU software. It went off slick as can be. MOTU obviously has been around long enough to know what they are doing. n-Track will sit and soak up 24 tracks no problem at all and the MOTU sounds great.

Now I am eyeing a MOTU 828mkII for a portable rig. I had been looking at M-Audio’s FireWire 1814 and the new Hercules firewire jobbie. The great experience with the 24io though has convinced me MOTU is the STUFF. I think I’m gonna get a 828mkII and an M-Audio Octane ADAT enabled mic-pre. 18 tracks at once, into a easily transported rig with a laptop and FireWire hard drive.

I can’t wait!



Here is a little ditty I threw into n-Track with the MOTU…

It’s only a little over a minute long. If nothing else maybe it can show Noobies what is possible with n-Track, a good soundcard and 20 minutes of their time.

Check it out if you like. Kinda odd for me…but hey, I dig it all…

Pick MOTU Boogie in “E” from my Motagator Site. (Thanks Pasher!!)

Sounds great TG! :)