New song 'Maybe I'

I needs opinons from you experts!

This is my second track recorded entirely with n-track.

Please take a quick listen of “Maybe I”, I want as many opinions as possible please (positive and negative of course). I will possibly re-mix the track based on any feedback, so opinions on the mix also much appreciated.

Nick Church

Thanks in advance


Hi Nick,

I like the vibe of the songs and especially the strings and alternate persussion.

It seems like the vox are a little low compared to the acoustic guitar, or maybe the acoustic is too strong throughout the entire song. I think it would be hard, though, to have the guitar lay back during the verses and still carry the hook without moving the volume slider up and down…

Two other little details. It seems that about 1:31 or so there are several acoustic tracks coming together. I hadn’t noticed it up to that point, but maybe the acoustic is a bit over compressed. Also, the reverb sounds a bit strange on the song intro. The vox and percussion and backing track sound like they are in an auditorium, but the acoustic sounds like it is close mic’d in a small room. Maybe you could try a longer reverb on it? On the other hand, it is not noticable later in the song…


Thanks Ben,

I actually agree with you. After a few listens, the n guitar becomes a bit wearing. I have already remixed with fuller vox and reduced reverb on some instruments to make it more balanced.

I’ll look at the mixing of the guitar tracks also
Thanks for your input.