New song comments please

Well, I attached the wrong song. Dumb me. Here are the real ones, all done with N-Track.

What do you think of the sound? Anything I can do with the levels, recording technique?

Day Tripper

Blue June

We recorded drum track in mono, bass cabbed, guitars cabbed, vocals on a condenser mic about 6" to a foot away.

Thanks in advance, and input is welcomed.

Sorry about not putting in the right songs! I fixed that!

Hiya. I’m by far not a pro but my $0.02 are: Drums sounds tiny. How did you record them? Sounds like a room mic was used, no over head or bad over head placment. Guitars are warm sounding but too muddy. Vocals sound realy good for that kind of music.

ok i’ll let someone who knows what they are talking about play now . :D

Good luck!

Hello there,

Listened to both. The Guitar is so powerful and heavy that you really need to do something with the drums to counteract it, particularly on Blue June. If you could make the snare crisper and more heavy I think the overall sound would be great. Vox are fine.
Good stuff,

I took your suggestions (and some on artistcollaboration). What I did is add more compression, reverb and a bit of eq to the drums to give them a more spacey sound, and lowered the guitar sounds (right a bit more than left). I like it better.

Day Tripper

Blue June

And here’s a shorter version of Blue June, quite a few people who are glued to the radio say it’s too long. :)

Blue June Smaller

I hope you gusy like these better!