New Song for critical ears....


I’m sitting here - 12:30am - w/ my Les Paul in my lap, really excited about the amount of work I was able to complete on a song I’ve been working on tonight.

I’ve posted it up on soundclick here, and want to hear your comments, and suggestions.

Click Here to Hear "God Of Wonder"

It is not finished, but I wanted you guys to get a listen, and give some suggestions - so I don’t have to overdub twice…

There are some known issues w/ this song:
1. Bass at 3:14 and 3:20 (but I’m still really proud of that bass line :cool: ).
2. Rhythm guitar at :2:08, 2:15, and 3:52
3. Vocals (getting better - I think - but still not ready). Doc Miller (vocalist on “I Can See You…” will be over Tuesday to overdub them - so I need to get this thing polished quickly.
4. The ending. I don’t think I can tell you exactly why, but I can’t get out of a song to save my life (I’m thinking a fade at 4:35, but it might be better to cut the whole thing off earlier.
5. Is there such a thing as “too much” cowbell?
6. Guitar solos? They sound good to me, but I wonder if they’re a “little” too distorted.

Obviously, you guys are much better at this than I am, so I want to learn from your observations.

What needs to be addressed. Pull no punches. I’m learning, and “constructive criticism” is a great learning tool for me.

This song is very representative of my musical style, and you can really “hear” the stylistic differences between this song and my previous project "I Can See You…"

All the best,
Practicing for Heaven


Well, you definitely shouldn’t sing - whoever sings it should try singing it an octave higher.

The Chorus sounds like “God Of Thunder” by Kiss - the chorus has to be rewritten for sure.

The solo is mixed quite loud, the vox in places is way loud - try compression.

I like the drum line though. Hope this helps.

Previous tips by dlachance I agree with.
Recording guitars and bass is a tricky thing. Being a guitarist and recording engineer is two diff things. We tend to rec what sounds good to our ears in the room. I think you may need to play around with guitar and bass. Maybe cut some low freq. out when recording, or try diff eqing or compressions on mixdown. This will get rid of the ‘boomy sounds’. This will help clean up your mixes.
Keep on keeping on! :D

Okay… I made the changes that were suggested, and wanted to see if you guys thought this mix was better, and see if anything else “pops” out at you.

Vocals were done by Matt “Doc” Miller - a welcome replacement of my feeble pipes.

Here’s the link again:

Click Here for "God Of Wonder"

All the best,
Praticing for Heaven

Sounds alot better!

Ditto - 100% Better!

KISS ripoff! Intro is Calling DR. Love, Chorus is GOD OF THUNDER, With SURE KNOW SOMETHING thrown in. It’s ok to be influenced but don’t rip other bands off.



Great first post. Hope you’ll be back, and that you didn’t spend all that time registering just to rail on me.

First off, let me say that there’s nothing like a man who know his KISS catalog. As you suspected, and which I never intended to hide, the intro to God of Wonder is based off of Dr. Love. Maybe I should change it… it would be easy enough, but I’ve always digged that intro. Gene Simmons pulled a rabbit out of a hat on that day in the studio.

That said, let me say that your premise that God of Thunder is the chorus is coincidental. Someone else mentioned that, and I looked at the TAB to make sure, and found that the God of Thunder chord progression and what I’m playing are completely different.

As to the “Sure Know Something”, accusation, I must be frank. “Sure Know Something” may be the one song I don’t have in my KISS collection, so I can take no credit for “copping” that one. Sorry.

In the interest of spreading good humor, let me put this link out - as it deals with the struggles to find a chord progression or melody that hasn’t already been played by someone at some time or other. It’s called Pachelbel’s Rant, and is hillarious, and “on message” with Busted’s post… ]

if that doesn’t work, try cutting the link below.

It’s about 5 min, but I think it may put some things in perspective, and best of all, it’s funny.

All the best,

Here’s the corrected link.

Not sure why the others didn’t work, but this one works, so check it out.

Ah, the great Taco Bell canon. :laugh:

In any case, I heard the God of Thunder progression in there as well - perhaps it was suggested to us because “God of Wonder” is so close to “God of Thunder.” But who cares whether something is ripped off? We remake the stolen bit, and change it. Whe were the greatest plagiarists anyway? Bach…Mozart…Beethovan…the question is: did you rip them off in an interesting way?

The video was too funny! :agree:

Quote: (Yaz @ Aug. 25 2007, 8:14 PM)

The video was too funny!

Yup!And I confess to having several "Canon" rip-offs, including one he didn't mention, which is "C u when u get there" by Coolio.

However, I still love the original Canon. However, Pachelbel cannot sue.... What with being dead for 300 years :) Kiss are still alive, well....more or less!


Thanks for the awesome pic of the Alive cover… and just for the record, I’m not pictured in that shot…