Check this out if you’ve got a second. I want any mixing comment you’ve got. Be brutal (or nice) and give me hints on how to make this “pop”. It sounds like I need more separation and more punch to the overall sound. The snare is giving me some problems getting it up front.


Honestly I like the mix pretty much as is. The snare sounds fine for me throughout most of the song. Only in certain sections like at the 2:09 and 3:44 mark where there are several fills happening, I’d like to bring up the toms and the snare just a bit more. But even if you didn’t do that I would be pretty happy with the mix overall.

i am listening on consumer grade headphones right now…

i would suggest bringing up the percussion… except for the cymbals, all percussion seem to be too low in volume…

also, that hum at the the beginning sounds like a bad ground somewhere… not sure if it’s an instrument or something else in the chain… possibly even your soundcard… it becomes very apparent again at about 4:30 during the break…

i really dig the tune! good stuff!.. is this you on all parts or a band?.. just curious…


thanks for the comments. It’s a 4 piece band doing an “all-at-once” recording session. I agree, the non symbal drums need a bit of a boost.

col200 congratulations to you and your boys on a very tight performance. Lots of practice Im assuming?

about the noise, it sounds like a guitar pedal + an amp that were not ground correctly or simply had to much gain.

About the mix: I recommend that you read through

I think that you might want to be just a bit more adventureous with your balancing and your panning. For example, to me it sounds like the lead guitar and bass are smack in the middle. I would pan the guitar to either left or right (if still possible) and, try to pan the bass just a tad to the right (unorthodox, but it just might work in your mix). Same thing with your keyboard. Your instruments dont seem to have much room. After you do that, see how the drums sound.

Good stuff

Thanks for the tip. I’ll check out that website. Well, we got a new drummer and he’s very good. This is a brand new song and I thought the recording could have been a bit tighter. I’m gonna try a few of those panning techniques and see what happens.

Man, that is some great stuff. Tell the guys I really like the song and their performance, very nice.
I think you did a great job of capturing the performance myself. Some tweaking and experimenting with panning might be in order but all in all I just wanted to let you know as a whole I really enjoyed it.

Ted Roberts

This may just be a preference thing, or a reflection of my speakers, but I think that the hi-hat is a little too hot for a pseudo-jazz tune, especially in relation to the skins. The mix is really clean, excepting the groundloop and the hi-hat.

Love the song and a pretty tight performance.

I think the mix is fine. There are a couple points where the drums could be louder, but I think it gives it a more laid back feel with the drums under everything, just doin its thing…

that buzz it kind of annoying on the break in the middle. It seems to go away after the bass comes in. Did you do any equalizing on any of the tracks? If so, that might be your problem, if you have the higher frequencies boosted. Also, if your using a tube amp. turn of any computer moniters (or stand as far away as possible) and flourescant lights.