New song - "Jealousy"

A new diddy by me

I just finished a little blues/pop tune. Hope you all like.

Please have a listen: My Tune - "Jealousy"

The acoustic guitars are doubled and panned left/right. The electric guitar is down the middle, and the vocal harmonies are kinda all over the place. I’ll figure this stuff out yet, darn it.

I played all instruments and sang all lead vocals and harmonies. I ditched the digital guitar stuff and just recorded my amp with a mic…I like the results. Kept the J-Station for recording bass, though…still works great for that.

Acoustic Guitar: Tacoma DM9
ELectric Guitar: '84 Squier Strat w/Fender Vintage Noiseless p’ups through a Fender Hot Rod Deville 4X10
Drums - Zoom RT123 (not programmed…I played them on the pads and recorded it)
Bass - Jay Turser 5 string through a Johnson J-Station

I know I hit a couple of klunkers…be kind. :D


Good song. The acoustic guitar seems like it could be softer, your vocals could definitely be louder and I am preferential to a real heavy bass guitar mix. Your lead guitar tones sounds pretty sweet. Love the clean sound you used. There’s a lot to like about the song.

Very good.
I like this mixing style so nothing else to say.

I likie it, nice job!
I guess I agree with the others, bring up the vocals a tad. Drums are plenty loud enough. The mic’d amp seems to work just fine.