New Song "MojoWorkin"

& credit to nTrack


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Great job Levi! :agree:
Much better video.

Thx PW.
Happy that you liked it.

Levi, that’s cool - but I want to see your right hand!

How come one guitar is blue and the other isn’t?

Quote: (TomS @ Nov. 10 2008, 6:06 PM)

Levi, that's cool - but I want to see your right hand!

How come one guitar is blue and the other isn't?

Hi Tom,
Sorry about the right hand. That's a great question. I don't know if you saw the other vid, where I had just hooked eveyting up? (The Same Thing) Well I really tried to get everyting in there on that one. I even had my knees bent about 6 inches to accommodate the guitar view. COULDN"T TAP MY TOE MY KNEES WERE BENT SO FAR!
Anyway this vid I used a second cam but not of the same quality and obviously a diffrent angle diffrent light etc. I'm wokin on it. But I simply use a hook and claw method. Nothing fancy, very basic.
Glad you like it, thx!

Some call it “hook and claw” some call it a “hammer and claw” technique. I guess Hammer and Claw is correct. The thumb is hammering and the index and middle finger for the claw, or triplets.

Cool. Sorry, I must have missed the earlier video. Anyway, much, much better than my ball-peen hammer and claw-your-way-to-the-end technique. :)

I used a flat pic for a long time. But I left rock, and moved to blues where my interest really is. I couldn’t finger pic but I found that I could lay back on the bunk and watch a movie and practice finger picking in comfort. I couldn’t do that with a flat pick. So I watched a lot of movies :laugh:

The second thing I found is that the saddles mysteriously changed height fairly often. I have no clue what makes that happen but now I regularly check those related heights. You can eyeball (down where you pick) across the top of the strings at string height. See if one or more are lower than the rest. If there are some out (even a hair) that can cause one to trip when picking. So check for that. Correct it and reset your intonation.

Also while your doing a hundred of this and that for the left hand. Figure out a picking exercise and regularly do a 100 of those too. Because of these three things I went from a poor picker to a decent picker almost overnight. Believe me I can definitely relate! You’ve got a real soulful voice. Not quite as trained or disciplined as Craigs but you could take it there. Your voice is as cool sounding and you have more power than Craig is showing. I noticed definite feel in your latest jam, so your definitely a player. It’s just a matter of time for you. We are all going to get better that’s inevitable good buddy.