New song - spirit of life

This is a rather unusual song, recorded by my son Shea and some friends. It combines extreme effects on the guitar with an autoharp, programmed drums, rap, vocal melody, and a heavy beat. Definitely a cross genre song. Vocal: Daveed, Rap: Thomas, Instrumentation and recording: Shea. Click Here

and then select ‘Spirit of Life’.

What do you think?


I like it! It reminds me of DJ Shadow.

First let me point out that I think you and your crew have done a great job. But if the song were mine (I wish!) I would do these things differently. Personally I would mix down the accompaniment instrument just a tad and create a more prominent bassline (I can hear a bassline in my head as I’m listening). The other thing I would do is at the 1:58 mark to 2:15 I would put the rapping over a low volume background singing of “Let me in”. Don’t know how that would come out, but that’s what I would try if it were my song.


Thanks Digitcallous.

The reason that you don’t hear the bass-line is there isn’t one - just a guitar, programmed drums, and an autoharp providing accents.

Shea is a pretty good bass player, but I think that he could never convince himself that the song was improved by the bass parts that he came up with. Perhaps the right idea just hasn’t hit yet.

I’ll pass your suggestions along to him, and see what he comes up with.