New Song, WaterTownSLide

Can you hear all 37 philsophys

WaterTown Slide

Full song with almost a final mix. I’d be very interested to hear your views (other than I may have gotten a little carried away with the lead time). This is all me. 1 rythem track in one take. One bass track in 7 takes (kept one track). One lead track in one take. Vocals done in 1 take (after three months of writing the lyrics)(added note: I have a rackmount ANTARES AVP1 that I don’t use anylonger, if anyone is interested, great ear training tool). No cut and paste. N-Track echo on bass and vocals. Limited compression and eq on all tracks. No Master compression or eq. All direct inject using a home built multi-12AX7 preamp. My guitar is a Carvin DC400 custom w/o active electronics. The bass is a SilverTone from Sam Goody. I did hire a session drummer for a one take using a Roland electronic drumset. 23 mixdowns of song to get this sound(mix/listen-mix/listen-etc.) 5min:15sec

Thanks & Enjoy
Brian Ralph Mead

Nice tune! Sweet tone on the rhythm guitar. I like the pan effect that you’re using on the lead guitar right before the chorus. I can’t comment on the mix right now as I’m listening through a pretty mediocre set of headphones.

You might try a comp and eq across the whole mix - render it to 32 bits and work with that file to see what you can do to sort of mush it together. Just an idea. I like real drums better, but what can one do?

You like Iggy? :D