New Song with new gear

Meek mics and FW1814

Here is a quick test the band did last night!
M audio fw1814, behringer ada8000, joe meek mic for vocals. Dell laptop. Hope you like it…

Equipment test song

I tried to listen to your song, but I received an error when I opened the page. It said, "The data the plugin requested did not download successfully."

I wonder if anyone else is having a similar problem.


:;): Nice job! Reminds me of Country-Rock. Nice smokey voice and pleasing instrumentals. Very nice!

Brother John
Lansdowne, Pennsylvania USA

Man, your stuff is always so good.

wow, yeah, great job! sounds live - vocals too? i like how the everything is spaced - the guitars are clear but not pushed, and especially the lead, perfectly balanced. the drums are nice and simple and open, overall adding to the feel of the “room” that the song seems to sit in. again, really good work.