New Song.

“Drive Myself To Drink”

New song posted here

Called “Drive Myself To Drink”.

Was going to call it “Drink Myself To Death” but thought that a little too morbid…
Any comments appreciated.

Actually, I’d prefer the morbid title and lyric. More meaningful, less cliche.

I like the way the melody rises on the line “bottom of my glass” and “ended like it did.”

What exactly are you using for the drum tracks?

The shaky wheels - doin’ 80 and all the driving refs = good job Craig!

You’re gettin’ better at this writing and recording gig… Proud of ya!

What did you use for drums? I’ll listen again but they sounded real ‘thin’…

Love the vocals by the way.

Nice mix. Like others have said a slightly louder drumtrack would have really set it off nicely. Good lyrics.

Thanks all.
I’m not overly confident with drums…all recorded in
real time on a yamaha psr-630 keyboard.
Thats perhaps why they are quiet!! I’m terrible with timing.
Should I up the volume on them?

I just think the drums sound fake, actually. They sound like samples from a Yamaha PSR keyboard. I still think we oughta take up a collection and get you in a studio with a real drummer! ???

Overall, not bad at all. I would (as a matter of personal taste, nothing more) liked to have heard, at 1:06 and 2:08 and where the chords climb, a clean electric guitar (or guitar + piano) arpeggiate the chords on 8th notes to outline the interesting movement/voicing of the chords and to help build tension in tandem with what the lyrics are doing at those points. I do like the vocal doubling/octaves at those points–sounds good

Check out your local studio Craig - lets see what we are talking about for a 4 tune session with pickers.

I know I always gave folks a day rate when I had my studio. I’d be interested in checking some rates - maybe hook you up with a local producer if you can find some time to do that.

Call Abbey Road too - If you’re gonna be a bear, be a Grizzly my old man always said.

Dang, if you call Abbey Road and get some session folks like Poppa says, I’m flying over to watch. :agree:

Y :p ou’ll be busy raisin’ money buddy!

I just sent off a note asking for day rates on all the rooms with engineer.

I wouldn’t know where to start!
Who plays the instruments?? Waaay too naive… :laugh:

Jdet I totally hear where your coming from, and I think the chord progression isn’t as clear as I would like.