new song

ideas, critiques?

Hey ntrackers, Put up a new song this morning but not sure about it. Sometimes I hear it and love it and other times I wonder, "what was I thinking?"

Curious what the ntrack crowd would have to say about it.

:agree: or :disagree:

Like the tune Nix,
not sure on the mix, headphones telling me guitars maybe a little overbearing.

Still liked the tune!




Like the tune Nix,
not sure on the mix

You're a poet and you didn't know it! :laugh:
Thanks, that's an easy change to make, much appreciated!

Like the song. Yaz is right, the rythm guitar is killing the voice a little. If you can get a little more clarity in the mix, this is gonna be really good. The good sign for me is when the guitar dropped out at the to leave the drums and bass there, I wanted to hear more.
Nice song!

Just been listening to your other stuff. You get a great ‘Live’ feel in the recordings. Sweet n sour sounds great.

Really good song. I don’t have anything bad to say about it, maybe a little clarity with some top end?
Dunno, but the whole thing sounds great to me.

Really cool drum sound, well written and good lyrics.

There’s a saying…be nice to people on the way up because you’ll meet those same people on the way down. This tune expresses that perfectly.

Hey thanks guys, I guess I
´ll keep it.
Good advice for the mix etc. Really appreciated. Ain
´t ntrack grand?

Spreadercraig! Something happened to your face!! Better see a doctor…

Came back for another listen, saw Craig’s avatar, ran away!

I appreciate it so much I wanted to return the favor,
go over to Soundclick
>goto community
>critics corner
> Im in the thread "Love to hear yur stuff"
leave a link and I will give you a glowing review,

or if you want it a little more low key, post something here!