New song.....

Not much I can say about it.

You Ain’t Foolin’ No One

Thanks to pingcat for the mid and out guitar solo work - old geezers rock!

Not an easy one to do Poppa. You did good buddy!

Don’t really wanna comment on the mix, it’s irrelevant in the context,but it’s damn good :)

David…great guitars man!

:agree: :agree: :agree:

Thanks Bruffie. I’m much better for having got this out of me.

Don’t pull punches on me! Comment away…

There is an “audio illusion” in this thing that I have no idea how it happened, and I’d have to scribble it on a napkin to explain how I hear it. The only way I could get through this thing after I sent you my email “dump” was to get into it deeper technically and blow over the subject matter. So I’d like to hear what you think.

(My apologies to duffman and nix for having this hit me and sidetracking me from their tune. I’m back on it.)

i can’t tell you how many parallel situations and emotions this brings up, even to the current day. i can’t tell you because the words won’t surface, but they’re there, somewhere. both with the ministry and life outside the confines of the church.

i’d almost like to hear a higher voice or two to support you on the chorus (no, i’m not suggesting me). not too high in pitch, just to give it some body vocally. but something like this i’m sure is difficult to turn over to someone else vocally, it would probably take the personal connectivity away a bit. only a sound-based comment.

Wow that’s a song, parts of it gave me the chills, I like how you did it, I’m just curious that you did it as a rock tune, with the lyrics and story behind it I would have expected to be acoustic, but don’t get me wrong, I love how you did it, just suprised. :agree:

Impressive aggangement/production Thomas.
Hey, I heard the dredded low rumble when the song ended.

The way you mixed the 2nd verse voices(spoken)is impressive Tommy. Just listened to it on the big system and sounds great. Ping really caught the mood on this one, did one of those closing solos that you just don’t want to fade.

Isn’t he great!? It’s good to have folks you know can take the time and give the song what it seems to call for. Good to have folks you trust your stuff too.

Nixon - I’m glad you mentioned the tone of the song (non-acoustic). In a perfect world it would have been sunshine, rainbows and bubbles, but our relationship was strained by the fact that I was the one in the family that confronted him about the abuse while others just let it slide. I knew it would kill him because he was able to manipulate people to do what he wanted. I mean let’s face it, a paraplegic in a wheel chair with a broken back has the perfect excuse. "I’m really in pain."

I wish we had had an acoustic relationship. I really do. The feel is sad, weepy and angry. Reality sucks.

hmmm, didn’t my wife get some Vicodin last month?

hi poppa

i think your song is cool, the spoken parts really stand out for me. Love the intro, the snare slamming at 7sec. Im listening thru ipod earphones but for me the bass is solid. Agree the guitar (especially the first solo) really captures the mood. I learn lots from your music and other on this site.

Im sure everyone can appreciate how you needed to get this out of your system. I once went through a pretty traumatic experience a few yrs ago and my way of dealing with it was to write my first ever song. Ive never recorded it but I’m sure I will in the future…

Classic Tommy.

Gave me the chills too. Great songwriting. True art, expressing yourself like that.

Now THAT’s why I class you as my mentor buddy.

Well done all involved.

Thanks guys - nice of you.

Craig - you’re just too kind!

Excellent my friend! :agree:
I first heard the lyric I was torn apart . . . .
And the thing you were hating about this last week, you don’t need to, it sounds great Tommy! :)

Ping, awsum guitar!

It was an honor to have been asked to contribute to this, thank you Tommy.
And thanks to everyone who posted their positive comments.


And the thing you were hating about this last week,

Yea, yea, yea, - thanks for listening to me whine Rich. Your ears are good for more than great sound.

pingcat, I hope we have many more. :agree: Your feel for a part is remarkable to me.

Sounds great! Liked it quite a bit.

Quote: (Poppa Willis @ Jul. 08 2009, 3:32 PM)


And the thing you were hating about this last week,

Yea, yea, yea, - thanks for listening to me whine Rich. Your ears are good for more than great sound.

Not whining, I understand completely!

Excellent mix Sir! (Bass may be a tick boomy but not bad, maybe a small notch around 100hz)

This could not have been an easy song to write, though I’m sure it’s been churning around inside you for a while. Powerful stuff. :)

Thanks Kevin, Yaz. I won’t be happy though until Hugh Jass says it’s ok. :agree: :cool:

Urghhh… I wanna hear this tune. Still no net at home though. I’ve managed to “steal” a little time on the neighbors WAP but I haven’t got to check out your new tune. Maybe soon… If it’s downloadable, I can grab a copy and stick it on a thumbelina drive…

Bummer… no download on Soundquack…