New Song

Jazz/Hip-Hop Instrumental

Been away a while. Had to work on some things. Spent a little time in the wood-shed. This is an instrumental called “Joshua” Dedicated to my nephew. Let me know what you think.



Joshua (streaming)

Joshua (right-click to download)

Link ain’t workin’

Someone said the link aint workin’. Can anyone confirm? It ssems to work for me.

yea, link aint working

Where do you have this stored? If you delete the stuff off the end of the link, it takes you to yahoo, but it says access is forbidden. Is this some kind of online briefcase site? If so, we don’t have access w/o your user id and password. Try uploading somewhere else.

Trying a new server. Please try it now.



workd fine for me…being im in da hiphop side of music this instrumental falls off course a lot (truthfully) and u need more chimes or soemthing with a (pitch)…symbols or somtn in that order…maybe a slower bassline too…otherwise if your newphew is about 10 tryn to rap…this is good starter beat for messn around…but if your not twista lol i say with all respect your not gonna do this beat any good… sorry…but gl wit your next one…1