New Song


I used to listen to the Ventures when I was growing up. I practically wore a hole through “Guitar Freakout”. So this is my very first N-Track song. It took way less than an hour from start to finish, and I know NOTHING about recording. I call it “Pacific Storm”. Pacific Storm


N-Track V4
Squier Telecaster
DigiTech RP50 guitar effects pedal (very cheap, has built-in drum machine)
a Triangle


I’ll give you credit for recording something, but I couldn’t get into that. It wasn’t much of a song…was it? Hey, I’m not trying to be an a$$hole either.

Don’t be too hard on him, col200! He’s off to a good start - there’s no better way to learn about multitracking than actually doing it. And like the great Mac said, you can learn as much from four measures as you can from four minutes.

You got a pretty clean sound there, Davido. What kinda sound card are you using? Guitar tone is pretty good for something lined in - I like that sound.

Now you’ve gotta experiment - play with the pan pots, the EQ, the effects. Overdub some more guitars, add a bass line, listen to how the instruments interact with each other. Keep playing around with it, and you’ll get better and better. And keep posting here!

Thanks for the input. My sound card is cheap like everything else, a SB Live. I wasn’t aware that I might get better sound by going in thru a mic…thanks for mentioning it.

I am just amazed this can be done with so little. I know my song’s not great, but I think N-Track is.

P.S. Had to change my name due to a screw-up.

Hey, at least you recorded something. I’m new to Ntrack, but not recording. If you were going for the vintage surf sounds of the 50s and 60s, you may want to just stick to a clean sound with only your bridge pickup and reverb for the lead. (If you like surf songs, I posted a version of Endless Summer a few days ago. you might want to check that out.)

It just takes a little practice, and repetition. Good luck.

I like Endless Summer, very nice. I had an extra hour tonight, so I did “Wipe-Out”.


Dude, the difference is night and day between your first recording and this recording. Awesome. now just crank the lead and add the drums!

Hey I don’t know what that first sound byte was, but I like the wipe out one.

Only one suggestion I could make, is to try to add some originality to your covers.
Put some stank on it, and bring it into the year 2005.
There was a punk band named Agent Orange in Cali, in the 70’s did a live version of this that really hummed. I know it’s been 30 some years since then, but I’m shure it can progress beyond the original.

I like your feel, and choice of song, so keep them comin’.


This is the first that I am checking out the tunes…glad to see it was a Ventures inspired one first. I still have all of my original vinyls of them and still perform some live. >>Diamond Head, Only the Young and their version of the Pink Panther Theme…

Keep doing what you’re doing…like the guitar or any other instrument, you will be amazed where you will be 6 months from now, 1 year, and more…