New song

I got some inspiration and made this in a couple of hours today. let me know what you think of it.

Loved the tune apart from the intro. The effect on the guitar makes it lose notes that doesn’t sound quite right to me.

Drums sound great - what do you use to program them?

With a vocal track on top and a different intro effect it’d be awesome.


I liked the intro, but it could be a little shorter…

Yeah the intro is too long :)

as for effects, I think they’re fine, I just played it way too sloppy :)

The drums are from NS kit in Drumsite for sequencing.

I’d like to make some vocals, but my singing is less than superd usually :)

Great job! Loved it! I have to get that drum program if you can do it thast fast!

Thanks Gerald. I did all the drums by hand. I don’t ever use loops or pre-arranged stuff. the NS kit is here…

someday I’ll buy a sample set, but I never have any money :)

Love this. Reminds me of early Sabbath ( N.I.B maybe ) in feel. Add some vocals and develop it from there. The riff is worth it!! Great stuff. Well done.

Love that bass tone!! Some real catchy riffs too, good work.