New Song

Tribute to Elmore(instrumental)

Hi, I’ve submitted this piece and would like your critque if I could on the recording itself. Its an old Clapton/Page studio recording cover. Thank you in advance for your opinions.

Hey Bob, I don’t come over this part of the forum very much but I’m glad I did.

Great stuff. Love the tune. Nice playing; very much my roots.

Is there any bass on here? If there is, it’s very quiet (albeit on my PC speakers here).

I need to know the gear you used (ok, I’m a gear head).

Thanks for posting.


Hey Mark, thanks for the kind words. No, there is no bass, I kept it out and just made the rhythm guitar a bit bass heavy. Was thinking about adding the bass…but alas lol. Anyway, I used my Epi ES335(Sheraton II) for this song on both parts, going through my V-Amp. The drums I kept real simple because of the song itself and I used Acid Music Studio and Betamonkey drum loops. I love this type of stuff myself. I always liked the Brit Blues and the sound they got. If it wasn’t for the Brits, I would probably not have heard about the original blues artist till much later. Thanks again :)


It’s raw, it’s dirty and it’s got heart.
My kinda music. :D


Hi Bob.

Elmore’s Blues reminds me a lot of when I was a kid growing up. My dad, who played rock organ (Hammond M-100), and I would jam for hours in our basement improvising to this very same blues rock theme.

I admire your fingerwork! You have a good ear when it comes to fill-ins and where to emphasize leads.

I saw your comment earlier about how you only paid a passing thought to adding a bass line. I hope you do, someday, because its absence kind of distracts from really focusing on your sound (at least for me, it did). The other completely unnecessary element in your creative work is the canned drums; they sound so computerized that it’s jarring to hear them dinking away in the background as you create a free-spirited improvisation. Take the drums out altogether from your mix.

Otherwise, I thought your song is great and that you are very talented. And you struck a nice balance between the rhythm and lead guitars!


well thank u emmtt. Maybe I will create a new mix with bass and no drums. Ur papa must be about my age then if u guys played this song…i’m 52 lol…just the right age I was when i first heard this song years ago :) Clapton/Page did several studio instrumentals of this ilk that I love listening too. Thanks again for ur comments.

Here’s a remix of the song sans drums and added bass.

Nope, not going to listen to the bass added mix, only because this is one of my favourites, and you do a really good job from the get-go. How are you mixing this? what are you’re steps? interested minds want to know!

Are you playing along with singing, or laying layer tracks before the vocals?

REALLY nice job, absoulutely loved it.


Thanks Scott, not much mixing per se. Just set my levels after all the tracks had been recorded. Vocals were done last. Some eq, but very little. Pretty much they are as they were recorded. I was more interested in what people thought of ‘Elmore’ than Stormy. Stormy Monday shouldn’t even be up there because it wasn’t really finished. I put it up so my son in Seattle had a chance to hear what I was doing recording wise. Thank you for your comments and I appreciate it. And actually, I didn’t think the bass on Elmore hurt it any. I kinda like both mixes with and without drums lol…but thats why I’m here, to hear opinions and I appreciate them all …thanks again.

I have mixed feelings about putting up “works in progress”. On one hand, I think most of us like to get feedback before we finish our “works”. Most of the time we get comments about things we already know that need to change or be added. Sometimes we get truly constructive critisism, which is what we are looking for. The nice thing about this group seems to be the encouragement. Most of us closet musicians need plenty of that to keep persuing our dreams.

Bob is on the right track! Keep it up. Your stuff is great. Thanks for sharing it with us.



Thanks a ton for posting the remix! That was cool of you.

I responded to your post under my entry and said that I pretty much agreed with Scott that your recording stands pretty darn well on its own, that way it was, without the added bass. You now have two versions, which I think is pretty neat. Bass or no, I still like “Elmore’s Blues” without the drum track. :)


P.S. My dad was born in 1928!