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Taxi Submission Start To Finish…

Hi all.

Heres an initial mix of a song I’m submitting to taxi. Not quite finished as I need some tweaks (only heard it on the headphones).

Comments on ALL aspects, mix, lyrics etc. most welcome whilst I’ve got the files fresh!!!

First tune with new bass too

The listing is for a Disney star’s debut album so it’s no piece of art…just pop.
I’ll be submitting this before the end of the month, and will post up the results!



I could see disney producer-types taking that structure and molding it into a pop-punk song with heavy blink-182/green day/fallout boy/every-other-trendy-band guitars that would be a great TV theme for one of the shows my daughters watch.

it’s probably just me, but my ear wants to hear a tiny thing that’s not there…
so i picked up the bass and played along (it’s so catchy and sugary!) and the part (there are several) that goes A - A/C# - D - Dm (especially the ones just before the chorus, but even those phrases in the chorus as well), well when the Dm gets there I automatically went up to an F on the bass.
For some reason i want to hear that climb from D to F when it goes from D major to Dminor, either with the bass or some overdubbed guitar.
it’s probably just me.
just something psychological in the noggin.

but i mean seriously, everyone, listen to this twice and imagine this as the soundtrack for an opening montage for some wholesome-type sitcom. it totally works!

Sugar coated is what I was looking for!

Hows the spine by the way J?

Thanks for the listen…I see your natural bassist is coming out with the F note…
I’d have liked the heavy guitar but can’t seem to play it like I want it to sound :disagree:


Hi Craig,
Hey your showing more vocal strength, there is probably a bunch held back in ya. I don’t have much time now but I want to say it all sounds pretty good. I thought the arrangement was a little busy for a pop’tune but your edging towards a newer spreader probably. It’s cool. Good work. I would be sure before sending to taxi, lots of competition. Right at the moment I’m caught between a rock and a harder place. I’ll be back soon. :agree:

Oh yea, I thought the bass and drums and guitar sounded expressive. You do a lot, and :agree: with all and your harmonies!

Honestly, I don’t like the fuzz tone on the guitar.
Sounds like solid state distortion from a direct-in guitar.
Bass needs more balls. Try playing the strings way down near the bridge.

Not like I know how to do any of that.
But that’s what I hear.

Songwriting is great.

to get that heavy pop/punk sound, layer 2,3, or more identical guitars during the chorus and pan them through the stereo spectrum. slam the chords hard, play them repeatedly (quarter or eighth notes), let them ring. yeah, and a different distortion sound, like tom said.

if you want and have absolutely no responsibilities, you can check out these songs of mine for what i did on the guitars. they each have at least 2 (usually more) guitars, especially in the choruses. the guitars were recorded direct and processed courtesy of FreeAmp2. there are problems with the songs, i know, but the basic guitar ideas are there.

Everyone here likes it Craig! As IS.

by the way, ‘the spine is fine.’

Good song again mate. Listened in the car on the way to work :)

I like the dynamics of the song. Your usual flair for a hook is ever present. I really like the way you mixed the different vocal lines towards the end. Nice one Craig!

Thanks for listening all!

Jdet that intro on ‘ethics’ made me smile! I’ve always wondered how to get that heavy sound to be honest…I’d have used it a lot more.

Tom that distortion pedal cost me

I’m still tweaking bits here and there…the vox at the beginning was a little too loud methinks and a few other bits.
(Many thanks Poppa, Levi and Ian) Man the power of the internet. Who’d have thought 20 years ago that you could put a song out there and within minutes someone in Dubai could have it on in his car!!!


The tune is great, songwriting 101 with Professor Craig! :agree:

Bass playing is coming right along! :agree:

I have to agree with Mr. Spademan, the distorted guitar sucks. :disagree:

I only had time for one listen, gotta get my grandson on the school bus and will give it a couple more spins.

Distorted guitars just needs a little more balls to it, go to Voxengo and download the free Boogex amp sim and a few cabs, run the guitars thru that.

Drums may be a little hot in the mix, they sound good, just out front a little too much.

Great song Craig! (Got me dancing early in the morning) :agree:

Thanks for that Yaz.
Is there no effect on N that will do the trick?

The guitar is recorded through the pedal so I can’t take the distortion off…and I’m not sure I want to re record :laugh:


No, don’t remove the distortion, just run it thru an amp simulator with cab to give it a little more balls. You’ll have to play around to get the sound you want, maybe a Hiwatt or Marshall cab would help it. There’s about 60 or 70 free cabs to go with the Boogex, not counting the stock cabs that come with it. Just use it as a plug in on the guitar tracks.

Here’s the page link.


I’ll give it a go thanks.


Yep. Great stuff Craig.

Ditto Boogex or FreeAmp3 from Fretted Synth.

That’s a nice pop tune that should fill the bill nicely. Best of luck with it!


Thanks DC I appreciate that.

Ok I got the voxengo thing.

Updated version here:

I cloned the original guitar and added the effect. TBH I went for the first one that sounded ok, there’s just too many variations my head hurt listening to them.

Any better?