new songs-fist post here

I’ve posted a couple of instrumentals at

I’ve fixed the problem with the .wav file on the second song and now have an .mp3 posted there. It’s not the latest mix, but gives a basic idea of the composition. What’s missing from this version that’s in the lastest mix: some basoon, panned to the right, and some tempo changes that make the song a little more interesting.

Please let me know if there are any problems with listening to the files … I’m not getting the stereo on mixdown for the second song.

Listened to SpringTime.
Nice recording, what instrument were you playing.


The “instruments” I used for the original composition are: glockenspiel, piano, marimba, harp, with strings and pad added as effects. I’m not sure if I kept this same instrument arrangement in the song as it’s posted here – I’d have to check.