new stuff part deux

preview #2

posted now is the second song from my new project.
“sinister” is more raw, more uptempo and less developed than the first song.
The next post in the next day or two will be the remainder of the album all at once. So, feel free to get out your chef’s knives and tear it apart!

-acoustic guitars are my classical mic’d with my behringer mic/preamp.

no efx besides eq.

-bass is still recorded dry through the mixer with same chain of 5 plugins

-electric guitar is played through a $15 distorion pedal and into the

pignose, mic’d with same mic

-vox only has compression and eq

That is great, JohnDET. My wife says you don’t have a crappy voice (implication: like most of the stuff I listen to). Actually, what she said was that your stuff is fabulous, with great sound and chord progressions. I also played her the dead bird song, which is my favorite so far. Let us know when we can buy the CD.
You are right, that guitar sound is cool. Which 15 dollar distortion?

well, thank you most kindly for the kind words!
the distortion pedal is darelectro’s “FAB” distortion, which I picked up new for $15 at my local Guitar Center store here in the kinda-lovely Oregon City area.

Now that college is (long) over, music is my hobby nowadays, so I do it for fun and for free.
The soundclick site is set up for free downloads.
The rest of the album will be up either tonight or tomorrow night.
I have 320kbps mp3’s all done up, but not the pay site to post them.
As far as an actual CD, they would be free, too, but my 3-year-old got to my CD burner while I was at work, rendering it ineffective.

I’ve never tried to email mp3’s, so I don’t know if that works or not.
Thanks again for the kind sentiments!

Well, I want a CD. I despise mp3s. :)

I shall see what I can come up with. maybe transferring everything to the in-laws or something. I think I’ll post the rest of the album tonight, since tomorrow is my daughter’s softball practice.