New System on Order

Now … how to hook it all up …

Well, I’ve taken the plunge and have a new system on order.

Win XP box - Athalon 2600 with 512 MB RAM and 80 GB HD
M-Audio 2496 Sound Card
M-Audio DMP3 Preamp

Can’t wait for it all to arrive so that I can start playing.

A question re: hooking it all up when it gets here - be patient please, I’m a complete newbie to this digital recording stuff.

My understanding is this … instruments/mics get hooked to the preamp, which in turn feeds into the sound card.

The M-Audio DMP3 preamp has two ‘outs’ which are 1/4" jacks. The 2496 has two inputs, which are RCA type jacks. Do I just have to get cables that have male 1/4" on one end and RCA on the other? Do I use two cables - one from each of the outs to each of the ins on the sound card?

Any and all advice on how to get this up and running without blowing anything up would be most appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Thats cool news Richard!

First, READ THE DOCUMENTATION! Several times. Dink around with the new PC BEFORE you install the 24/96. Just to make sure the system is OK. Follow the instructions for installing the card. If you can and know how to find out, locate a non-shared PCI slot to put the card in. It can differ from motherboard to motherboard so check your documentation or call the PC builder.

You have the basic hook-up correct! See? You are half way there!

Once your card is installed and n-Track is up and running, record a Top 40 hit and become disgustingly rich. (Then come back here and tell US how to do it!)