New to N Track, fade in/out problem...

So I’ve been messing around with N Track for about two weeks, I must say I’m very impressed…

Anyway, I’ve been having this weird problem with fading in/out over a cut when I’m trying to get rid of the pops and clicks. Sometimes the fades work OK, sometimes they don’t work at all, or sometimes they end up fading out the rest of the song or the rest of the section… very weird, has anybody else had anything like this happen? Its hard because you can’t see the fade, like you would in Pro Tools or something, so I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. Is there a way to remove the fade ins/outs without removing nodes from the whle track? because thats the only way that I’ve been able to get it undo a fade…

Also, I’m looking for general N Track tweaking tips to cut down system resource usage.


Quote (TelevisionFission @ Mar. 31 2005,13:53)
Its hard because you can't see the fade, like you would in Pro Tools or something, so I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.

? Que ? Are you aware of the zoom functions on the timeline ?

Quote (TelevisionFission @ Mar. 31 2005,13:53)

Is there a way to remove the fade ins/outs without removing nodes from the whle track? because thats the only way that I've been able to get it undo a fade

Try right clicking on a single node, then choose remove.

I know how to zoom, I mean N-Track doesn’t show you were you put the fade on the timeline… I’ve seen other software that shows a highlighted section with a bar going up or down indicating the section is faded in or out…

I’ll have to look for the nodes, I may be confused about what they are.

Quote (TelevisionFission @ Mar. 31 2005,15:07)
N-Track doesn't show you were you put the fade on the timeline...

This is what I don't understand. How exactly do you apply your volume envelopes ? Describe your process.

Maybe it will be good to take a look at the pag. 18 of the N-Track user´s manual.

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I was trying to avoid the dreaded RTFM reply :)

Thanks… I actually did look in the manual for this but had trouble finding it. I’ll have to mess with it when I get home from work.

This forum is incredibly helpful, I’ve been reading it for several days and I’ve picked up a lot of info and found answers to many of my questions…

This one just had me stumped.


Try just pressing the Alt key while in timeline view. It’s a shortcut in ver 4.x (haven’t tried it in 3.3) to see the currently selected envelope type, which is Volume envelopes by default. If you see the green volume evolution lines, then you’ve found them.



I think you need to change your view so you are viewing the volume envelopes.

Click on the ramp looking button.
If you click on the drop down for the button you can choose which envelopes you want to view but I think track volume is the default.

Should draw green lines on each track showing what you have the volume set at and shoul have inclines where you have fades.

I always use these to do fades rather than the fade in/ou buttons as I seem to have more control. But it’s probably just a matter of personal preference and what you’re used to…


wow, its much easier this way. my fades were all screwed up…

I had trouble switching back to the other view though. It didn’t seem like it wanted to toggle back and forth with that volume button… I had to save, then re-load N-Track to get back to the regular view.

Yup… hold down Alt to temporarily see envelopes. Or click on the Draw Volume Envelopes button to keep them visible. When you’re ready to go back to normal view, click the Arrow button.

Zooming way in (Up/Down arrow keys) is handy for messing with evolutions.


Almost forgot… There’s a tutorial at AudioMinds which shows this to some degree. I think it’s the tutorial about adding SIR to an Aux channel.

up/down arrows are a shortcut for zoom? that is also very good to know…

I wish I was at home so I could play with this stuff.

thanks guys.
this n00b appreciates the help!

I know this is off topic, but I really think those quick-buttons should be organized some other way. I find myself constantly looking for some button, “where the heck did it go”. Perhaps it would be better to reduce the number of buttons and give the user some other easy way to do it without them. I think a hotkey list in the help section would be good.

And another thing, those rec/play/stop buttons are too large and bloody ugly. It would help if you could reduce the size of them and other buttons too. It would make N look very professional if it had more of a OS X-style look… Or some other. How about making an utility that allows users to extract bitmaps out of N and modify them? ???

Quote (teej813 @ April 01 2005,08:01)
Yup... hold down Alt to temporarily see envelopes.

I thought the Alt key was an interesting choice for this, BTW, because in most other Windows programs, pressing Alt by itself puts the "focus" on the main menu bar, allowing the use of the arrow keys to move around the menus.

For an app like N-track, though, it works well enough--no complaints here. Maybe after N-track is 100% complete and bug-free, I'll send in some ideas to Flavio. :laugh: :cool:


Are there hotkeys for rec/play/stop/pause?
yes, a comprehensive hotkey list would be very helpful…

OK, RTFM :laugh:

Yes Teryeah, sometimes…

Manuel? We don’t need no steenking Manuel.

I believe we’ll find what you need on pg 47 of the manual. Here, let me flip that page for you. There you go… Anything else we can help you with? :cool: