new to n-track - how to start

getting started

i’m a well respected singer/songwriter but i’m not young anymore and i’m from the world of analogue recording!
I used to use a few midi drum machines and outboard keyboards - and I have still got some! but I don’t really want to use them if this stuff on n-track is better. how do I get to create my own drum tracks and from there some bass things and layer some keyboard/guitar tracks. i’m trying to make the best album in the world. I need you.

well, the “bet album in the world” might take everything your midi keyboards and Ntrack software has to offer…

what I guess I am trying to say is, don’t poke holes in the boat and sink it just yet, you can use the boat and a plane to get to your destination. ???

there are a lot of free pluggins, sound banks and software add on’s out there available, but that does not negate the value of hardware and decades of peoples work in those fields.

Hi, Tony. Follow this thread for a starter on the drums.;f=4;t=9995

If you are using n-Track 7, the drum machine screen will look a little different but it works in a very similar way.
Report back and then we can take you to the next step.