New to N-Track, problems with Delta 1010LT

Hey gang, I’m “the new guy”. Anyway, I just purchased a new PC, 3.0 ghz, 1 GB RAM and I’m running the demo version only of N-Track right now. I’ll be upgrading to the full deal on pay day. I just purchased a Delta 1010LT sound card and I’m having some problems. Play back is fine and I have successfully recorded 1 track at a time. However, I’m trying to multitrack recording 7 total tracks for my drums. Under preferences, I have my audio recording device selected as MME: Delta 1010LT Multi. When I click on the recording input VU, it only recognizes 1 track. If I set it to WDM: Delta 1010LT Multi it recognizes 6, but my CPU usage goes up from 27% to 88% and N-Track promps me that my buffering is overloaded! What’s the difference between MME & WDM? I’m doing something (probably something simple & stupid) wrong. Is it only recognizing 6 input tracks as a limit of the demo version? Thanks for any help you can offer.

With Asio I would tend to use ASIO drivers set on multi, and it should work.

Okay, I selected ASIO drivers and all is okay except it is showing 6 recordable stereo tracks. What am I missing? I have 8 inputs and 8 channels showing on my Delta control panel. Why would N-Track only recognize 6?

:D Over looking the obvious? 6 recordable sterio tracks = 12 tracks

What have you selected for input channels? These are selected by clicking the hammer icon under one of the input vu meters and clicking on input/output channels. I only select then first 4 pairs because these are the analog ins and I don’t use the SPDIF or midi in yet. For outputs I only select the first pair. This should give you 8 recording vu meters and 2 output meters showing on n-track. Give it a try and see.

All is well. 6 stereo tracks = 12. What I was unclear about was if the right/left pairs recorded separately, and yes they do. Thanks guys.

Doesn’t a demo version of n_tracks still limit you to one-track recording?:;):