new to this board, my songs

introductions all around…

Hey all…

I’ve been pretty active on the Zoom PS-04 board for a long time, and I occasionally post on Audio Minds.

I figured since I’m now doing almost all of my production using nTrack, I should start posting here!

To hear what I’ve been doing with nTrack (and the PS04), please see my music page:

Any comments are appreciated! Thanks!

Your songs are pretty good. The vox are a bit hot, but otherwise the levels are pretty good.

Do you have any links to your nTracks productions?

katau - thanks for the post!!

i’m not sure i understand your question, though…those songs were all mixed in nTrack, and all send effects came from nTrack’s built-in bank and VST plug-ins.

so, those ARE my nTrack productions :)

Ah…very cool. Thanks for the clarification.

Nice tune. The vox are a little bright for me. Especially in contrast to the rest of the tune. Sounds like you were pretty close to the mic when you recorded it. You might try backing off a little and see how it goes. One other thing: You might clean up some of the blank spaces where you’re not singing. I thought I heard lips smacking at one point.


I like your songs. My ear is not as good at hearing all the technical things the others talk about. The vocal is a little “pitchy” as the American Idol judges might say, but the songs (musically and lyrically) are great. They sound very professional.

Hey, the songs are pretty good.

The others are right about the voice,
but you sing with a nice style, not warbling up and down.
If you wanted to spend some money,
Antares Auto-tune could fix those vocals
right up in no time. (If used right)

Thanks for posting your music, and keep making it!



Great songs, and great recordings. I like your style; reminds me a little of Crowded House. Nice arrangements too.

What are you using to get the effect on the eguitar sound on “You’ve Ruined Everyone” - comes in at around 0:10.

I like your voice. Very listenable to. Perhaps a few more takes to get some of the “pitchy” bits right, or maybe a tuning plug (try Gsnap if you want a freebie.)


I just want to verify to everyone that that gsnap pitch correction plug-in is great! Try it before you pay big bucks for anything else. Thanks for posting it Mark! :D

Thanks everyone for the great replies - sorry I didn’t respond sooner but I haven’t visited here in a few weeks, holidays and all.

I appreciate the comments on the vocals…y’all aren’t the only ones who have pointed that out. I’m working in a real recording studio right now and my buddy who runs it said about my demos "your singing style and production quality all seem to point to you REALLY wanting people to understand the lyrics."

Good point. I need to back off on that and keep people guessing sometimes :wink:

MarkA, that guitar effect is the “Phaser” preset on my Zoom PS-04 (4-track digital multitracker). I assume they copied it from any of a variety of other Zoom guitar-specific products. It’s nice, eh? I LOVE that patch…

What suggestions would y’all have for darkening up the vocals? I’m just starting to learn about notching freq’s in the EQ, any recommendatons on what might work best?


I was on the TapeOp board and they had a big discussion about the evils of “pitch correction” devices. :wink:

Does this GSnap product sound too much like that stupid Cher song? I hope not…I’ll check it out when I get home, thanks!

The trick with the tuning plugins is how you use them.


Set them to have as little effect as possible and to be as forgiving as they can without doing nothing. I said your voice is good for them, because you sing on a definate pitch, not constantly overcorrecting it. This is easier for the tuner to correct than people who constantly try to tweak it while they sing. It’s the people who warble up and down that tuners can’t correct.

Hope this helps.

Hey, very pop-sensible. I only listened to three: “Redemption”, “Drowning”, and the “I Am” one. But I dug “Redemption” the most. Nice arrangement.

I had a teacher at Berklee (yeah, I went to Berklee for a year and a half), who claimed to at one time have had a ‘tin ear’. He practiced, and by the time we knew him he could sing any pitch in his range back to you from the piano, and he could identify any modal cluster you could throw at him.

So, screw the plug-ins! Just sing it, and it’ll come. Much better than doing the Wizard of Oz thing and faking it. Now I’m going to get tinto trouble here. And I’ve worked so hard to be nice on this forum… :D

Well, I did use the GSnap plug-in for the vocals on “Redemption” and "LonelyTown."
But, I did use VERY little, and honestly when I watched the GSnap waveform go by showing my pitch and GSnap’s correction, they weren’t too far off, so I probably didn’t need it much.
Yes, I just need to practice my vocals and intonation more and I’ll get it.

Thanks for the great replies!

That song “Redemption” is doing well on, if you want to take a listen and give it a vote:

Nah… it’ll just annoy me 'cause I don’t have any product up yet.

Just kidding. :D