New to this program / Guitar question.......

Hey All
I just d’loaded this program to give it a try. I am a bit overwhelmed with it all but I did manage to hook up my Peavey practice amp to my soundcard and record a simple solo. The solo was in “A”.
The problem is that when I played it back it was playing a semitone higher in Bb.
Can anyone help me to fix this??????
Any help would be much appreciated.
Montreal Larry

What soundcard are you using? It sounds like a problem with the clock in the card.

Dave T2

This is exactly what happens when you record at a sampling frequency of 48kHz and play back at 44.1kHz. Check to make sure that your audio driver and n-track are all set to the same sampling frequency. Experiment by setting everything to 44.1 kHz first, then record and listen to playback. If this fixes the problem then try setting everything to 48kHz, and see if all is still OK.

This problem shows up frequently with Sound Blaster Live! type sound cards. They always work internally at 48kHz. To playback at 44.1 khZ, the card actually has to down-sample. Apparently it is easy for the application, driver, and card to get confused about which sampling rate is to be used on playback. Sometimes just reselecting the sampling and playback rates via the driver fixes the problem. It is always a good idea to check to make sure that you have the most current driver. Also, using KX project drivers for SB live cards, and ASIO4ALL drivers (both free for download) for other cards can often solve nagging problems.


T’s correct.

One of my sound interfaces has a switch on the back for 44.k and 48k. It doesn’t matter what I set n-Tracks to be. The card works as what the switch is and n-Tracks assumes the sample rate to be what I set in n-Tracks. As long as both are the same all is well. That little issue gave me real headaches for a while when I first got that sound interface.

Anyway, this particular issue didn’t show up right away. I had been doing some MIDI work, including MIDI to wave conversions and normal recording with mics. Everything was OK at that point of so it seemed. When I opened one of the record tacks in an external wave editor it was out of pitch during playback, just like described above. That gave me a clue about the underlying problem with the wave files themselves.

The wave files were 44.1k sample rate when looking at the wave file header information, but the underlying wave data was actually 48k. I figured this out by hacking 48k into the header info. After doing this they played fine and in pitch as 48k in the wave editor.

The 44.1k samplerate was what n-Tracks had written out during recording. All the settings in n-Tracks were set for 44.1k. The wave data as streamed to n-Tracks from the interface was hard wired for 48k (that switch on the back). n-Tracks was simply believing what it was told.

The reason these files played properly pitched in n-Tracks was because the reverse was happening during playback. n-Tracks thought it was streaming the data as 44.1k, but the soundcard was playing as 48k. Since n-Tracks was running off the soundcard’s clock – NOT the System clock – it was happily zipping along at whatever the soundcard’s clock was – 48k.


Hey Guys.
Man oh man I can not thank you all for taking the time to help me out. Your answers and advice were amazing.
Here is the deal though. I am a long time guitar player who just this week decided to go online and see what programs I could d’load and try to record with. Someone recommended ntrack. Hell it was free so what did I have to lose.
The first day I finally got my soundcard so that I could see my guitar coming through the ntrack. I managed to record a little solo that, other than bein in a different key, sounded good.
Then, feelin good about myself, I thought I would record some more. So to make a long story short yesterday I spent about 3 hours and could not record whatsoever.
I know the guitar is coming through cause I can see the recording meter (the left one anyway) moving up and down just like it was the day before when I could record.
So here I am pressing the “record” button over and over again with nothing being recorded.
All this to say that I was looking for a simple program to record some simple tunes and this ntrack has got me baffled.
Your advice about sampling frequencys has me confused too. I am no computer expert so what you all wrote scared the hell out of me.
SHould it be this freakin difficult???? I jujst wanted something to press “record” and it records.
Oh well, I will try again today.
Thanks again phoo and tspringer. Much appreciated.

clickon the hammer on input meter - check allow live input processing is ticked - then click on the large live button in centre of toolbars - play guitar - if your soundcard is setup OK you will hear guitar - if you can hear it you can record it - if you cant you cant -

Dr J