New Toy

Free Too!

A buddy of mine whom I’m playing in a cover band at the moment brought this over yesterday and said, here ya go use this.

Vox Tonelab Se

Will tell ya what I think of this baby in a couple days.

I like the layout of it Yaz. Have fun! Remember - there should be a ‘restore to factory preset’ - so tweak away!

Guy I know has that units little brother. The one with only one expression pedal. I’ve heard it several times direct to the PA. Dude plays a humbucker equipped G&L ASAT and he always has great tone. I think you’ll like it Yazzer… specially at the price. :p


I’ve not got to play with it yet, arrgggggggg.

Maybe in a couple weeks.

Some of the same modelling is in some of their amps, of which I am an owner, and I think their models of fender and vox (of coruse) are really good. And I hate modelling.