New toys.

Advice please.

Hi, folks. I’m havin’ fun. I’m in the middle of re-buiding an old barn into a studio (my retirement home;-)) and after a decade of dissilusionment I’m embracing the idea of making music again and catching up with the tequ and toys. Just treated myself to a L6 Pocket POD - cute - another box ticked in the war against hum:-)

Q. Turns out, I’m gonna need a(resonably priced) condenser for two female, earthy vocs.

Wadda yuh reckun?


Why condensor? I say SM7. Though… if you have the cash and the room, it is hard to beat an AT4050 or Blue Baby Bottle on female vox.

Say no more, Bubba and thank you, I still got me a 57!!!
I’ll be checking those mic’s too. cheers.

I didn’t typo… SM7… not 57.


this is gonna happen before the studio is done and they’re gonna be doing it in the tiled shower room. Should be a laugh. It would be cool to find a mic that would do it justice. Bottom dollar but worthy?

You know what lower cost LD mic is really good? The Sterling Audio ST55. I used it for the vox on “3 Microns Wide” - oddly enuf, the diaphram is 3 microns thick, but “3 microns thick” just doesn’t sound quite right for some reason. Anyway, 200 usa dollars:…5169.gc

Ok. Two Amazonians in my bathroom, with voices to blow your drums off. Why ‘not’ an SM57 or generic cheapo condensor?

Well, the generic condensers sound like poopy poop.

Loud ‘n’ clear, boss. The LD you linked is a bit off the scale at the mo’. Spending all my pocket money on building materials. I’m thinking, I know a few folks I could borrow from. Wish me luck.

What I’ve discovered is that one mic is never enough.

I love my Rode NT1 for male vocals, but for female I find it too bright.

I also have an AT 2020. Cheaper than the Rode but very good ( Not as bright.

Sometimes an SM58 is what is needed and sometimes an SM48 (IMO a very underated mic, and very cheap).

I’ve also a couple of those $5 Karma mics (thanks to the help of some friends here), and they are great on acoustic guitar. Not tried them on vocals yet. Will be trying them as drum overheads soon.

I’ve collected these mics over the years and I’ve started to learn the character of each one and which one suits which application the best.


Thanks guys.

Quote: (TonyR @ Nov. 17 2009, 5:25 PM)

Why 'not' an SM57 or generic cheapo condensor?

Cause you asked... wanna use a 57, use one. Just our suggestions.

I find my sm57 is bottom heavy and doesn’t work for my voice that well.
I can’t process before recording, no outboard mixer.
(to give you a mental picture) If I point the mic strait up and sing across the grill like air into a flute, I can get a much better tone.
I do loose a couple clicks vu but normalize takes care of that.
It is also possible that my preamp is causing the excessive bottom.
BUT I’ve had the same problem live with a sm57.
So I have to cut much of the bottome with a mixer to get my natural voice tone.
If it’s a house system and I have no control over the tone of my mic, I don’t sing. Because it throws me off alot.

Cheers Bubba - I’ve never owned a nice voc mic - hence the ask.
The SM7 is a bit too costly at the mo’ but reads like a great mic.
Thanks Mark, the AT2020 seems cool and within grasp.
Hi Levi. I heard that the planet is awash with rip-off 57’s but can be identified by screw positions and weight?

Hi TonyR:

Got any late photos to post?
We’re interested in how you’re doing with the RooM…
Well, at least I am… I know a while back you were rebuilding the floor…
It looked pretty labour intensive…

We’re hanging on to some great middle of November weather over here…
We were in the mid teens for several days…
It got back to mid November weather again…
The lo-to-mid single numbers…
But the sky is beautiful blue and clear…
If only it would stay like this till March…

I am into overhauling this Hill Mixer…
I have the meter bridge apart and rebuilding the meter lights…
One delicate process…
But, it’s coming along…

I have forgotten how nice this mixer sounds…
It’s dynamic energy/range is so nice…


Hi Bill. Yup! it’s coming along nicely but I’m fighting tooth and nail with the weather. I’ve got to the stage where the old single pitched roof has got to come off to be replaced with the new traditional ‘cut’ type.

Hmmm? Well I did buy it from a warehouse chain but it reeks of shure :;):

Quote: (TonyR @ Nov. 18 2009, 3:34 PM)

Hi Levi. I heard that the planet is awash with rip-off 57's but can be identified by screw positions and weight?

Well, I'm not Levi.....
Yes, loads of fake Shure mics around.

I've seen the websites comparing and contrasting the fakes with the real things but I'm never convinced that they encapsulate all the details of the fakes (eg the extra holes etc).
My advice, buy from a reputable, approved Shure dealer.

I had a fake 58 Beta that I got from ebay.
It wasn't complete rubbish and I kinda knew it was going to be a fake but bought it anyway.
The guy I bought it from swore blind it was real but I suspect he didn't actually know.
Compared to my real 58 beta there were several differences.
I sold it on in the end.....
Have you ever tried genuinely selling a fake Shure mic on ebay?
I have.
It ain't easy!