New track: 'Bad Attitude'

Raw mix - need your ideas…please?

Hi guys,

I have been busy in the last few months writing and tracking this new number. As always, I am relatively happy about the basic tracking, but need tips on mix, production or any additional layers of sound that would. enhance the track.

Comments most welcome good or bad - cheers
Bad Attitude

Thanks in advance…


Nick - I wouldn’t add a lot or change a lot. Song, recording, performance are all top notch. I had been listening to a set of really nice songs (commercial releases) when I brought up ‘Bad attitude’. My wife heard from the other room, and it stood out enough from the pack that she asked who had done the recording. That is real proof of quality.

Too many layers could detract – I think that knowing when NOT to fill up the sonic space as important as filling it. At most I would add two or three accent notes on guitar/synth between vocal phrases.

Dude, this is good music.


Wow…this is an amazing recording i must say. I love the song. The only thing i would change is the amount of reverb on the overall song. it just needs to be turned down a slight bit, it sounds like ur in the middle of an empty room, it will just bring the vocals more to the front, which by the way are awesome. I no long use ntrack i just like the forum, i use cubase and i just have to add that its not always what ur using its the person thats using it. ntrack is a very powerful program despite its price and ur very good at what u do.

Lee Hoffman
Elite Entertainment

Thankyou for the really helpful comments.

leeH - your comment is interesting about the reverb. Are you talking about the reverb on the vocals, or the whole track?

Thanks again (and to your wife for the compliment T!)



I got so wrapped up in listening to the song (and liking it), I forgot one point until LeeH mentioned reverb. During the first few bars of the song, the recording of the percussion is picking up room reverb, or you are using a reverb setting on a plugin that gives it a distant ‘middle of the room’ sound that didn’t seem to sit as well in the mix as it might. After the song picked up, I no longer noticed it, maybe because there is always some other sound covering the tailing-off of the reverb - or perhaps you changed reverb settings. Maybe this is what LeeH was talking about. This is being really picky - but the recording is so good only picky is left to deal with if you want suggestions.



I have remixed this track with your comments in mind. Is this version a significant improvement?

Remixed "Bad Attitude"

Thanks Guys

yes that is what i was talking about… its much more apperent in the beginngin than the middle or end. i feel like the song needs more of a pop type feel where it’s more in your face. but u may be going in a whole different direction. the new mix still sounds like there is too much over all reverb. i think the reverb time should be lengthened a slight bit and brought way down. i love the song tho, i keep listening to it. keep up the good work!


I did an A/B comparison of your new mix with the previous mix, and to my ear, there was definite improvement.