New tracks slowed down by nTrack

Recorded a fast song new tracks are slow

I recorded a song last night, that was very fast and in one key. Now today, When I record new tracks, they are playing back a whole lot slower and several steps down. Did I hit a button by accident?

Using nTrack 6.1.2 and have reinstalled a few times.

a few things can cause this,

check the area next to the Transpose box that has x1.0 make sure there isn’t another number there.

if that doesn’t work or is already on 1.0 then check the speed on each track, hover over the .wav file (Right Click>Properties.

While you got that open check your bit rate by clicking “Wav File Properties”, make a note of it.

now in the playback VU meters hammer check and see if the bit rate is the same as the tracks (eg. 16, 24,)

those are the two things that most often cause slower playback.

dontcare :cool:

Perfect - thanks so much for the info! I’ll check it out tonight. Mysteriously, I was able to start recording again, but I am not sure how it happened or what I did. I’ll look into these things tonight, though. :)