New Tune Tuesday

album blog part 7

Here is song number seven. I ended up layering two bass tracks on this one to try to get the sound I wanted, and it’s still not quite right. Breaks my heart. Also… deerskin drum and the return of the cat toy.

7. The Quiet In Us (blog entry; wma)

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Excellent! :)


Thanks for the kind word, Yaz! I find this one kind of pleasantly listenable more than the others (maybe because the others are such depressing songs :-).

Well KBub, moods of songs are what they are, don’t think we have control over that when we sit down to write.
I thought you did a great job on the mix. You have really great clean mixes. This one in particular has great stereo spread. I really really enjoyed this one. And don’t sell yourself short in other threads, you do have a knack for great sounding bass! :agree:

Yaz :cool: