New tune

Diss This

Diss This


Hey Poppa? Err… uhh… can I have your PC’s phone number? She sounds HOT! :laugh:

LOL… Love that sense of humor man… keep it “real”. :agree:


PS Daggum awesome soundin’ toon by the way… :agree: :agree:

Heh-heh… I can’t wait til this day job project is over… I wanna jam with my “phony a$$ instruments” too! LOL…

D - wiping tears off cheeks… hee-hee…

:laugh: :agree:
:agree: :agree: :agree: :agree: :agree:


Call me what you like I can easily diss this bs.
But I would have to admit though that your sarcasm is real.
Typical and unfortunately, real.
Now how about a bunch of puppa but kissin and head bobbin?

Oh I like it…Dis just what I’d been looking for to listen to diss. :agree:


:laugh: :laugh: just made my morning! Hilarious Poppa. PC is HOT!!!

P.S. Tune and sound is great :agree:

hehehe :agree:

you da man Poppa! Awesome.

Ange x

Levi has to come back with a reply to diss tis… Get busy BoY… :p :laugh: Have it ready and posted by mornin…

Yea… gotta keep the lyrics clean AND from gettin bleep’d…



I love this place.


Aaah...bless 'er at the end there...
Quote: (woxnerw @ Apr. 30 2009, 2:45 PM)

Levi has to come back with a reply to diss tis..
Get busy BoY..

Have it ready and posted by mornin..

Yea.. gotta keep the lyrics clean AND from gettin bleep'd..


lol Bill, wish I had time for that foolishness but I don't. Can't even write on my own stuff right now and I've got plenty of that ready to do. Besides, it wouldn't be fair if I used my own tracks of me would it? And you know me, always tryin to take the high'road.
Levi over and out :whistle:

Come on dude… don’t wear your feelings on your shirt sleeves. I think it’s all in good fun. :agree:


How many takes for the intro to get it without recording you laughing? This is gonna stick with me all day long!

So is this the first salvo in, "Tune Wars 2009. There was no place to hide."


LOL - well I talk to myself often enough. My PC voice is kinda hot ain’t she. My wife said, "You’ve been spending waaaay too much time in that playroom."
Then she told me I was mean. Mean?! Me mean?
So I went to pull the song and listened to it again… it’s not mean. It’s freekin’ funny!

The 15 Best Critic-Bashing Songs!

I dunno, Poppa, your member rating is waaaay down…

Still, you don’t have a clue how to write good hip hop.

Oh boy, I hadn’t noticed! Guess I’ve been put in my place havn’t I!
Boo hoo… :sulk:
I’m learnin’ my beat box … I’ll get there. :sulk:

Quote: (Poppa Willis @ May 01 2009, 7:27 AM)

Then she told me I was mean.

:laugh: Tell Mrs. Punky not to worry about it. :whistle: Say, I've been known to put you on a time or two. I don't think your mean. Maybe a little spoiled lol Ya know all that noise I made about the cawawa? I was kiddin :agree: