New tune

Classic rock

Here’s a little ditty for your ears.

Commments welcome.

Long In The Years

channeling some david gilmour in the vocals, eh? if you double tracked 'em like he did, it would be even closer to him, if that’s what you wanted. also sounds a tad like my dad vocally.

Sounds nice and polished now Yaz. Great tune, really classic feel. JDets right, there is a hint of Gilmour in the style of the vox. Superb backing vox as expected from you. Couldn’t be better young feller!
:agree: :agree: :agree:

Thats nice.
Good vox, and sweet guitar.
Cant help it, love the wah.

Wonderful harmonies. Super guitar. Spectacular mix, lots of space with great separation and definition. Where and how you placed everything in the stereo field really makes this song pop!


All the above plus your writing on this is awesome. Love the lyric! I have never heard that line before (long in the years) and you made it sound like an old familiar expression. That’s song writing at it’s best.


Superb Yaz!

Another vote for the Gilmour vocals :agree:

Guitar reminds me of Jeff Healey :agree:



Thanks gang for the listens and comments!

Hmmm, a N.C. redneck phrasing like Gilmour? :laugh:
I can’t double track like he does, so that’s out.
Long in the years comes from Long in the tooth, meaning same thing but “tooth” or “teeth” just doesn’t fit somehow.
Had a hard time with the mix cause I probably had too much going on, thus the spread of everything.
Wowsers, being compared to Gilmour and Healey in same thread is kinda nice, but don’t know if I deserve that, LOL.
Anywho, thanks fer listening guys!

You rock Yaz! Solid production all around! :agree: :agree: :agree: :agree: :agree:


Nice job Yazzer ol' bean! My kinda toon. :)


PS Needs Strat :p

Alright! I love the stereo sound of this, got the headphones on, great guitar work, love the wah, vocals are great, and the backups, if you ever do this live you need 3 women, stage right to do the callback, back vox harmonies, that would be cool. Great one, I left some stars on the ratings!

Your new SC page is almost blank??

Wow Yaz.

That’s a damned professional song/mix/production.
LOVE the backing vox too…oooohh…aaaaahhh…my kinda stuff.

Well done!!

(thought you were singing about me for a while…long in the EARS… :laugh: )

Thanks fer the listens fellas.
Same SC page just stripped down.

(Long in the ears would be referring to the braided hair in mine! :laugh: )

Ya Baby, I wish I had more talent… Great song…

I do have one question Yaz, did you make this with N-Track?


Thanks Paco, midi was done in another app, rendered to waves and imported into nTrack, audio was nTrack and mix and master was n.

love the lyrics to this, it sounds like a classic. guitar rocks…vox is great…love the little backing ‘ahhhh’s’


Ange x

Thanks Ange! :)

I agree with all the praise you’ve gotten on this song. It’s like Gilmour singing with the Alan Parsons Project.


It's like Gilmour singing with the Alan Parsons Project.

i don't care what people say, i always liked 'eye in the sky.'