New tune

Any comments are welcome

Hi everyone,

I’ve noticed (this week) the sound quality bar seems to have been raised - good sounding tunes being posted - love it!

If you have anything to say, by all means say it - the tune is called KEEPING YOU FROM THE EDGE and can be found here ->

As always, thanks!


Dan LachanceMy Webpage

Wow! Excellent vocals. I like the harmonies.

Thanks Ronirvol - feel free to offer constructive criticism if you have any!



Hi Dan, you got some rib-shaking bass there. Great stuff.
It seemed too short, but it’s over 4 minutes so I must have been interested :D


Hey Steve,

Long time no see - thank you for the words! - you got any new stuff??



I’m working on a collab with Bruffie at the moment.
If I get a move on, I might have it finished by the end of the year :laugh:


Quote (Beefy Steve @ July 12 2006,02:34)
I'm working on a collab with Bruffie at the moment.
If I get a move on, I might have it finished by the end of the year :laugh:


Sorry Dan,
No criticism, constructive or otherwise. Your just too good man! Good song, good playing... Love the vox and harmonies. Expected to fade out with a solo, ending caught me by surprise!
Great Stuff!!

Beefy....would that be 2006? :D
Quote (Bruffie @ July 14 2006,02:30)
Beefy....would that be 2006? :D


Possibly... :D

Thanks Bruffie - you’re definitely great for the ego (ha ha).

You guys let me know right away when your collab is done!!



Does this song remind anyone else of Sting, especially the lead vocals?

Very nice job. Very professional.


Hi Keith

Sting? Wow, now that is an amazing compliment (I assume it’s a compliment)? Thanks for the infusion of inspiration!


Yes. That was a compliment. :D


This is really nice work! It’s easier to critique than create (although a good critique takes a producer’s ear too…).

This is fine-toothed comb criticism…this is a very polished, well-written/arranged effort. It’s impressive.

-You’ve got a top-notch voice and you’ve recorded it really well
-Drum track is very tight and arranged well for interesting changes and accompaniment to the different sections–I really like the switch to fatback beat on 1st chorus/B section.
-(assumption: programmed drums?) Drum sounds are a bit weak. I don’t like the snare or kick. This type of music asks for a bit of gated reverb on the snare (use a sampled one if your processor doesn’t have that) or use a richer snare sound. I’d put a bit of reverb on the overall drums (if you’ve got one drum track rather than separate sends). A fatter, deeper kick would help too. This a very well written and executed drum track, so some enhancements here would have a big effect on the some IMHO.
–Don’t like the instrumental section with the octave guitar leads

Overall this sounds like late-80’s prog-rock (Asia, Yes). I feel like the sound is a bit dated, but that’s personal taste. If it’s that sound you LIKE then you’ve nailed it.



Hello Jeff,

Elaborate critique! And I thank you for it.

Drums are not programmed - electric drums (not cymbals) played for real - you’re not the first person that isn’t crazy about the drum sound, but strangely enough I really like it - I think just for fun I will try another drum track before the song is mastered.

All my tunes seem to be 80-ish, not really by design, but can’t seem to write anything new sounding. It’s still fun though!

Again, thank you!


I almost forgot Jeff,

Do you have a website with your tunes?


Excellent song Dan. The musical arrangement and overall production work is very professional. I thought it could use a more prominent, adventurous bassline and I somewhat agree about the samples on the bass and snare, but they sound fine during the choruses. The vocal work is excellent, both lead and backup.

Hey Dan,

I went to your website and listened to “When She Comes to Me”. It’s damned good. It sounds a lot like Journey to me. Again I think that’s a “period” sound but I’d bet there are lots of people that would say “Who cares it’s what I love…”.

It’s VERY well arranged, produced (sounds), and the singing is killer. The lyrics are tight and work throughout. Harmony vocal section is really impressive.

You could tour and sell an album with this quality. I bet there’s a niche market of older people (I’m 46) that would really love this.

My rough stuff?




I must agree on both counts - my buddy is going to record a real bass line (instead of my keyboard line!) and now I’m not sure I like the drum sound either (peer pressure I guess) - ha ha. Thanks!