new tunes

new tunes

let’s try this again shall we.?
Here are two tunes I just finished.
Let me know what you think.

Sound good. Could bring up the vocals a bit, IMHO.

Nice work. Liked Rapture best.
One thing you could do is use more of the stereo field.

I do like the rawish guitar - as a former detroiter, I’m tempted to say you have a detroit sound, but I’d hate to insult you or anything like that. :)

Yeah sounds good Kishtar :agree:

I think the stereo thing is just a myspace thing am I right?

I like the mix. Everythings clear.
I’d like to hear your voice let go a little. It sounds like you’re holding back a little…unless that’s your intention?

Good work!! :)

Definitely holding back. I agree with Craig. Sell it!

Thanks everyone.
I have pushed up the vocal track a little bit.
I’m a little shy vocally. :shy: Any other comments feel free!

I’ve got some video to them now.

Rapture music video

I Got Saved music video

Can you tell we’re a christian band? lol

Not sure if myspace eliminates the stero.
I think I need to learn how to not have all the tracks set at 12 o’clock.
So much to learn…